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New Report Warns East European and CIS Policy Makers
about the Risks of a Generalized HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States have some of the fastest growing rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. The impact is compounded by still insufficient public awareness, frequent stigmatization and lack of adequate policy instruments to cope with the disease. Nonetheless, the region also has success stories, from which valuable lessons should be taken.

In a new report released on 17 February, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) offers the first comprehensive profile of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 28 countries of East and South Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and provides a platform for the discussion of policy options available to halt the spread of the disease.

The report, entitled "Reversing the Epidemic: Facts and Policy Options" , offers HIV/AIDS profiles for the countries of the region, describes high-risk groups and the behaviours that make them vulnerable to infection, and discusses why human rights is an essential ingredient for fighting the epidemic. The report also touches upon the issues of decriminalising injecting drug use and undertaking comprehensive prison reform. The inclusion of marginalized groups in policy processes is also considered a key element in the response to HIV/AIDS.

Despite a comparatively low prevalence in the region, growth rates in new HIV infections reported over the last several years in Estonia , Russia and Ukraine are among the world's highest. Upwards of one out of every one hundred adults living in these three countries is now estimated to be carrying the virus-a threshold above which efforts to turn back the epidemic have failed in many other countries. Also, if not curbed, the disease will threaten development prospects in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

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  • Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups
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