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Purpose of the guide:

This online guide is intended to provide support for UNDP country office staff facilitating Global Compact activities at the local level and in doing so it gives a set of recommendations. It offers step-by-step guidance and practical how-to advice on launching the GC and establishing the GC networks at the country/regional level, and in particular responds to the following issues:


  • How can UNDP assist in launching the GC and /or secure the sustainability of the GC network?
  • What roles might UNDP play in the process of launching the GC network?
  • What kind of critical issues will have to be dealt with regarding management judgments, resources, timeframe and level of personal involvement needed?
  • How to promote a coherent approach by UN agencies in launching the GC and establishing a network aligned with integrity measures and standards promoted by the Global Compact office

The guide was created by a group of UNDP country office and Global Compact Office practitioners in response to many requests for a ‘beginner’s guide’. Their experiences are captured in the form of stories and tips throughout the guide. A collection of these stories illustrates the process, the costs and the benefits of launching the GC networks.


Whilst examples used in the guide refer mainly to UNDP experiences, the content can be useful to other UN agencies and institutions that want to establish local/regional GC networks.


The authors hope that the guide will inspire more UNDP and other UN country offices to advocate the GC in their countries and encourage the business community to engage into partnership projects in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals.