Creating opportunities for social innovation in Uzbekistan


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Sixty percent of Uzbekistan’s population is below the age of 30. Many young people have difficulties participating in decision-making processes which affect their future. This has contributed to a general feeling of apathy, which is detrimental to the country. As a result, many young people are leaving. I think social innovation can help stem this… Read more »

Oil and gas students in Uzbekistan brainstorm biodiversity actions for energy companies


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A combination of public pressure, strict environmental regulations, and the importance of reputation in the business world has led many energy companies to try and mitigate their impact on biodiversity and compensate for damages. A report published in 2012 by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, an international initiative and important partner in implementing the Convention… Read more »

A day at the market: Exploring social innovation in Uzbekistan


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I recently got to participate in a social innovation workshop with 20 other young people from Uzbekistan. (See: Inspiring young innovators in Uzbekistan) First of all I want to thank UNDP and UN Volunteers for choosing me to take part in the workshop, which got me thinking about the importance of social innovation in our… Read more »

Infographics: Education gap between women and men in Uzbekistan


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I’m happy to share the first infographic on gender equality developed by UNDP in Uzbekistan. It is based on a policy brief (in Russian) on gender equality and employment prepared for a project with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population . The research provided a lot of interesting data, which we decided to capture in one infographic… Read more »

Involving women in business: Challenge accepted!


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Since I started working with UNDP, I keep hearing about the importance of gender equality and empowering women. I also keep hearing, reading and seeing positive changes and progress when it comes to women in the world. However, across the globe, women still bear the brunt of weak education, unemployment, poverty and famine – not… Read more »

Disaster risk management: How a mobile application can make the difference


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 Today mobile phones are more than a way to communicate over long distances. With this small piece of technology we can now access the whole virtual world with applications, direct Internet connection and high capacity digital photo and video cameras. In less than 20 years, mobile phones have become an integral part of our life,… Read more »