Focusing development efforts around the MDGs was not always easy


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I remember meeting with partners in the Cabinet of Ministers in 2002-3, working as a poverty reduction consultant. I was advised not to bring up the topic of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with government officials, as it would be insulting for them to compare their country with other developing countries. The Government officials were very proud… Read more »

HIV: Living behind a disguise


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In many ways Sherzhod is the face of Uzbekistan’s younger generation. He is a tech-savvy 22-year-old with big plans for the future, ideally with a career in medicine.  Like many of his peers in Uzbekistan, he wants to get married and start a family, but for now his goal is to pursue his career and… Read more »

Learning the tricks of trade in Uzbekistan


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Can I export leather products? How can I get a loan for start-up capital? How do I register a family-based enterprise? Can I hire employees if I’m an individual entrepreneur? These were just some of the many questions I heard during late last month’s third interactive training session in Namangan, Uzbekistan. Over 30 artisans and… Read more »

Water: Every drop matters in Uzbekistan


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The tiny villages of Kanal Yoka, Mekhnatkash, Sayram and Zafarabod are about 25 kilometres from beautiful, ancient Samarkand, the second-largest city in the country. It is here that our team from UNDP in Uzbekistan, along with partners from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and several national and local organizations, recently completed the retrofitting of a pumping… Read more »