Learning the tricks of trade in Uzbekistan


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Can I export leather products? How can I get a loan for start-up capital? How do I register a family-based enterprise? Can I hire employees if I’m an individual entrepreneur? These were just some of the many questions I heard during late last month’s third interactive training session in Namangan, Uzbekistan. Over 30 artisans and… Read more »

Water: Every drop matters in Uzbekistan


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The tiny villages of Kanal Yoka, Mekhnatkash, Sayram and Zafarabod are about 25 kilometres from beautiful, ancient Samarkand, the second-largest city in the country. It is here that our team from UNDP in Uzbekistan, along with partners from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and several national and local organizations, recently completed the retrofitting of a pumping… Read more »

Social innovation: When the public sector gets curious


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Resolving seemingly unassailable problems which just don’t want to go away, finding ways around organizational bottlenecks, involving citizen-experts for realistic and need-driven solutions: these are the familiar-sounding promises made by social innovation champions. UNDP is increasingly leveraging social innovation, but the real test is the extent to which national partners, and governments in particular, are… Read more »

Paternity leave: A little chilla with my brand new daughter


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When my daughter was born, I experienced a happiness I had never known before. As a father, I wanted to be there to experience my daughter’s first few precious weeks of life, so I did something many fathers do not, or are unable, to do: I took paternity leave. I was fortunate to have an…

South-south cooperation: Is it time for Uzbekistan to become a donor?


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South‒south cooperation has the potential to not only invigorate Uzbekistan’s economy but also stimulate economic growth across the region. How? South‒south cooperation is the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries, known as the global south. Through this cooperation, Uzbekistan can decrease its dependence on foreign aid and even create a shift in… Read more »