Organising an innovation camp? Here are 4 things you need to consider

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Last month’s “Healthcare Heroes” was our fifth innovation camp in five years. For the uninitiated, social innovation camps are intended as a space for using tech to solve social challenges. These two-day events help to crowdsource ideas, especially from those citizens (youth, or minorities) who are often lacking access to contribute to issues directly affecting… Read more »

We need more women in politics. Here’s how to make sure quotas don’t fail

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The low representation of women in politics remains one of the most obvious obstacles preventing us from achieving gender equality in the world. In the Republic of Moldova, a medium income country in Eastern Europe that ranks 50th in the most recent Gender Inequality Index, we want to increase the pace of change and ensure… Read more »

I work for UNDP and I am not a development expert


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I have to be honest with you. Four years ago, just before my first day at UNDP in Turkey, I thought I knew everything about development. I was dead wrong. Doing development is less about having a comfortable office and more about touching people’s hearts. It’s about being open to learning from others. But that’s… Read more »

Employed or unemployed? The line is more blurry than you might think


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A recent update of a major international labour market database has been released. But what does it really tell us about labour market inequalities in Europe and Central Asia? In my research on labour market inequalities, I have experienced the same difficulty described in other recent blog posts: When applied to Europe and Central Asia,… Read more »

Let’s play some leapfrog with the #UNDPCrowd

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Leapfrogging is a powerful concept. We have seen people leapfrog over traditional energy grids straight to off-grid solar energy production. We’ve seen them breeze past old landlines straight to smart phones. We’re now seeing something similar in the finance sector: citizens are leapfrogging over traditional banking services in favour of direct contact with suppliers and… Read more »

Upgrading Watson

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When it comes to real-life crime, if police and forensic agencies are the Sherlocks, their equipment is definitely the “Watson”. It is the combination of the expert’s eye and the latest in crime-fighting tech that leads to the crucial “Aha!” moment.