The crowdfunding dos and don’ts: How sustainability begins

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Since launching last year’s campaign on Indiegogo, we understand a lot more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crowdfunding for social good. One of the first major lessons we learned came from conducting an in-depth review of existing crowdfunding platforms. This review was formative in helping us figure out exactly what… Read more »

A ‘bad girl’ no longer: Tackling gender inequality in Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan, especially in rural areas, there exists a very powerful term for women who don’t follow the rules: ‘pis giz’ – or bad girl. For an Azerbaijani woman, being called a pis giz is more than just a gender slur. It can mean the total loss of respect in her community, ineligibility for marriage,… Read more »

Hackathons: Taking the long term perspective


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Hackathons have been the flavour du jour for a while now in the development sector, so much so that some have started questioning their long term impact and, as they say, the “theory of change” behind these events. At UNDP in Ukraine, we decided to take a longer-term perspective with the Open Ideas for Ukraine… Read more »

High carbon = high human development?


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With a team of experts from the United Nations Development Group, we’re in Bratislava planning how to engage governments in Europe and Central Asia in the run up to the global sustainable development conference next year (a.k.a. Rio+20). Rio will take the debate on environmental sustainability forward by looking at fundamental global questions about the… Read more »