Organising an innovation camp? Here are 4 things you need to consider

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Last month’s “Healthcare Heroes” was our fifth innovation camp in five years. For the uninitiated, social innovation camps are intended as a space for using tech to solve social challenges. These two-day events help to crowdsource ideas, especially from those citizens (youth, or minorities) who are often lacking access to contribute to issues directly affecting… Read more »

Hunting black swans in Armenia

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The nature of global development challenges has changed dramatically. While the foci remain the same – such as poverty and climate change – their pace and interconnectedness have caught many off guard. Unpredictable events – so called “black swans” – are becoming increasingly common. Look no further than the frequency and unpredictability of natural disasters for examples.

Being the change: Social innovation takes Serbia


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Social innovation workshops are all about bringing together designers and software developers with citizen experts for realistic and need-driven solutions to the social problems they face. In Serbia, we decided to take this idea to the people. Last month in the towns of Novi Pazar, Tutin and Nova Varos, we unveiled Serbia’s first ever social… Read more »

Design and public sector innovation – sharing perspectives from different countries


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Recently Jane Treadwell and I were invited by the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Centre for Public Service Excellence to participate in a “Consultation on the Co-Design of Public Policy and Services”. It was a gathering of people from a wide range of countries and different organisational settings, talking about improving public services. It was… Read more »

On the road for human rights: Looking for citizen experts in Iraq


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Every time I can escape from my office, I am the happiest person in the world. And working directly with individuals, bolstering peoples’ skills and supporting communities to become more cohesive and strong: that is what volunteerism is all about! I’m a great believer in working at the local level, so when I heard about… Read more »

Meet Anna, the citizen expert that decided to help the health sector in Armenia

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Anna Sakhkyan is perhaps not the most obvious person you would expect to find at a social innovation camp. After all, as the Head of the blood donor Registry at the Haematology center (named after R.H Yeolyan) in Yerevan, she is a busy health professional with, until recently, very little contact with the techie community…. Read more »

#HuriLab LIVE 28-30 June: Let’s see how technology can help human rights


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This weekend in Yerevan, UNDP will host HuriLab, an international Social Innovation Camp devoted to human rights and access to justice. Hurilab is a user-driven innovation event which brings together ideas, people and digital tools to build web-based solutions to social problems – all in just 48 hours. The event will create nine ventures, conceived, designed and… Read more »