Inequalities: When perceptions don’t reflect reality


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Nostalgia for the Soviet (or Yugoslav) economic systems is often encountered in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many of the reasons for this—security, stability, an absence of armed conflict—are not hard to understand. However, many people from these regions—including those who approve of the changes that took hold in the 1990s—also seem to miss the… Read more »

Controlling guns protects women and a law obeying society


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I am deeply saddened by the tragedy Serbia has faced, where a recent mass shooting left five people dead and twenty injured. This event brought to light once again three major but often ignored problems – the large scale availability of illicit firearms, its impact on public safety, and most specifically its impact on intimate… Read more »

How do we avoid taking two steps back?


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Our region has seen countless examples of how development brings a country one step forward, only to have disasters, conflicts and other crises take it two steps back. Whether the armed conflict in Ukraine, the floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, or the migration and refugee crisis that has hit Southeast Europe, it’s evident… Read more »

What six easy snapshots can tell you about our changing climate


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Today is the first day of COP21, and the stakes have never been higher. It is hoped that these crucial talks will reach a deal to limit the warming of our planet to two degrees Celsius. In his recent blog, my colleague Damiano Borgogno introduced the Global Support Programme, which was created because “ the technical information… Read more »

Constructive destructions or: Why I’m musing over a manhole cover


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Sparks fly. A distinct smell fills the air. Twisted metal, slowly morphs into liquid. Under the watchful eyes of police officers, metal workers, and other observers, sawed up rifles and tagged guns are moved into the furnace, ceasing to exist as we know them – threatening, powerful, lethal. I’m at a gun destruction event somewhere… Read more »

On violence: A new approach in Serbia with the New School


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Recent statistics reveals the alarming prevalence of violence against women in Serbia: 54 percent of women were exposed to some form of violence during their lifetime, while only 10 percent contacted services for assistance. This violence presents a complex social problem. It is both a root cause of gender inequality as well as an extreme… Read more »