Everybody’s talking Rio+20, but who remembers Capacity 21?


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Rio+20, the United Nations conference on sustainable development called for significant investment in capacity development for sustainable development: the outcome document mentions capacity building more than 60 times. It almost seems as if we are starting afresh. Now, who remembers Capacity 21? Capacity 21 was part of the sustainable development strategy that came out of… Read more »

Rio+20 and migration

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The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development ended almost a month ago and left many wondering about next steps, and what countries will do to act on their commitments. The conference covered issues including hunger, poverty, and access to renewable energy. Rio+20 aimed to provide solutions to the mounting uncertainty of a safe and prosperous environment… Read more »

Tackling climate change at the local level


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>> Watch interview with Ginka Chavdarova, Executive Director of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria Ultimately, sustainable, green development will save our planet because it’s a local solution; but high-level climate change negotiations may carry on without results or with slow progress because it’s a global challenge. Why? Perhaps it’s because people… Read more »

The green economy: not a choice, a necessity

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Right now, presidents, prime ministers, scientists and civil society leaders are meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to assess progress since a previous landmark gathering in the same place 20 years ago and to try to put the World on a sustainable path. A green economy is one of two key topics to be discussed…. Read more »

Tread softly: Ecovillages for sustainable development

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Question: Why are ecovillages important for sustainable development? KJ: Ecovillages promote a supportive and inclusive social environment and a way of life that has a low environmental impact. This means that communities have the potential to address environmental protection, social justice, and economic viability and prosperity. Ecovillages are demonstration sites of sustainability in practice, showcasing… Read more »

From “Big Rio” and “My Rio” to many “Mini Rios”


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Several weeks ago the municipality of Kolasin hosted a discussion on sustainable development in Montenegro. It was also among the first conferences in the country where hundreds of citizens participated in real time via Twitter. A dialogue generated some difficult questions. The discussion brought one crucial dilemma to light – does Montenegro focus on large scale, infrastructure projects in… Read more »