You want to engage your parliament in the fight against corruption? Here are 5 steps you can take


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According to Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (2016), Moldova is ranked 103rd (out of 168 countries worldwide) making it one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. When we talk about corruption, we often talk about corruption at government level and the role of citizens in tackling it, but what about the role of parliamentarians?… Read more »

The Global Goals need alternative sources of financing: Introducing UNDP Alternative Financing Lab

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Financing the Global Goals will take a lot of resources. In fact, there’s currently a $2.5 billion gap in funding the current SDG agenda. On the bright side, though, there are a whole new set of funding sources out there. Crowdfunding investments, for example, reached US$37 billion in 2015, amounting to one-third of development assistance…. Read more »

Professors become students: Bringing data journalism into the classroom


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Having access to data isn’t enough. We need more journalists who can use the data to tell impacting stories. This is why I recently helped to facilitate an intensive 12-day workshop in Montenegro, where we explored with journalism professors ways of bringing data journalism into the classroom. The event brought together journalism professors and communications and… Read more »

Step aside, Pokemon Go: Moldova goes Mega to fight climate change


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The economic losses of Moldova related to natural disasters are almost 61 million USD. The disastrous droughts of 2007 and 2012 affected over 70 per cent of the territory of the country. They were also historically the most severe droughts in the entire instrumental record period. Though the intensity and frequency of such disasters are expected… Read more »

A calm soul in a shaking body

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We here at UN Moldova recently challenged ourselves to practice what we preach. We asked ourselves: How do we take solid steps to embrace diversity? That’s how we ended up with our very first UN-wide internship program in Moldova designed for persons from vulnerable groups. People who may otherwise have a hard time receving internships,… Read more »

We need more women in politics. Here’s how to make sure quotas don’t fail

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The low representation of women in politics remains one of the most obvious obstacles preventing us from achieving gender equality in the world. In the Republic of Moldova, a medium income country in Eastern Europe that ranks 50th in the most recent Gender Inequality Index, we want to increase the pace of change and ensure… Read more »

EduSoft: Shaping education together in Moldova

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It’s not the changing technology and software that matter. It’s how we use the best available technology to shift learning in a way that fits our students’ needs. This is why, as MiLab, we have been experimenting with the Ministry of Education through a number of initiatives to rethink education. Our latest adventure is a… Read more »