A local democratic deficit – SMS polling to the rescue?


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Armenian public decision-making has typically been marked by distrust and low engagement, despite having access to the necessary legal framework and institutions. Recently, though, there have been signs of greater civic activism and trust in local authorities. According to data from the Caucasus Barometer, local governments had the third highest public trust rating in 2012… Read more »

The good, the bad and the ugly: How technology will make or break governance

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UNDP supports conflict-sensitive development in some pretty complex environments. In part because of that complexity, the history of development assistance is also the history of unintended consequences – the road built to facilitate trade can easily become the road used to spread insurgency. Recognizing these risks, since the 1990s, UNDP has been working across the… Read more »

Information matters, let’s get Central Asian farmers online

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Who has access to information and who doesn’t makes a huge difference in the 21st Century. Those who have limited access to timely market information are facing problems identifying market opportunities and finding sellers or buyers. This is especially true in agrarian economies such as in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan where more than half of the… Read more »

Is most development work invisible?


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Alice Casey recently wrote a great blog post on “the power of visible” to bring about social change. It prompted me to share more broadly the slides (below) that I use for internal training on “Making the invisible (development worker) visible”, in case someone out there might find them useful (comments most welcome!). The basic… Read more »