Empowering young people in Kyrgyzstan to have a say in the post-2015 development agenda


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“Young people should play a central role in the formulation of the development agenda. People need to be more actively involved in the process of decision making for the country.” This statement is one of the responses voiced during Post-2015 national consulta­tions in Kyrgyzstan, which began in late 2012. With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)… Read more »

Fixing unemployment… by playing games?

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With over 7,000 Moldovans involved in the Post-2015 national consultations, it would be a shame not to address the problems that came up and let all that social energy go to waste. The consultations uncovered a long list of major problems, but it’s risky to dive right in without the proper preparation and resources. It’s… Read more »

Esther Duflo and Jose Ocampo LIVE on 24 September: A post 2015 agenda


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Has poverty eradication and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals been satisfactory? What should global commitments look like after 2015? Heads of states will gather this week at the United Nations General Assembly to give a final push to the Millennium Development Goals and, for the first time, discuss what will replace them beyond 2015…. Read more »

The development story behind the MDGs: Seeing the forest beyond the trees


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What do people in Chişinău say they need for a better life? Of course we need to closely follow the progress of each Millennium Development Goal (MDG), but have you ever thought: What is the development story behind the MDGs in various national contexts? The importance of such a development story goes beyond even ‘passing… Read more »

New stars, songs and the future: Happy International Youth Day


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For a month our office was taken over by young people, their parents, zillions of questions and phone calls, and expressions of gratitude. Together with United Nations Volunteers, and the United Nations Population Fund, UNDP initiated a Millennium Development Goals song contest. Who better to advocate for the Millennium Development Goals than young people, expressing… Read more »

Live tweeting and streaming from Jan Vandemoortele’s lecture on poverty in Africa


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Will faster economic growth, more foreign aid and better governance guarantee achievement of the Millennium Development Goals? Jan Vandemoortele, closely involved with the creation of the Millennium Development Goals, will challenge this view at the Kapuscinski lecture “Are the 3Gs enough to reduce poverty in Africa? Is it all about Growth, Grants or Governance?” You… Read more »