Collecting stories from chaos

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The war here in Yemen has caused over 4,000 civilians deaths and 1.4 million Yemenis to be internally displaced since March. To examine the impact of this war, UNDP in Yemen turned to citizens to hear their daily hardships and identify opportunities to restore livelihoods. But the survey we’re conducting is very different from traditional assessments… Read more »

Micronarratives: Small stories reveal big truths in Kyrgyzstan

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A recent economic forecast for Central Asia from the IMF wasn’t exactly optimistic: “Gloomy, with a Chance of Pain” read the headline. This makes the issues of youth unemployment and ballooning labour migration figures in South Kyrgyzstan all the more pressing. It is in this context that we decided to experiment with micronarratives – a methodology used to… Read more »

Voices of Eurasia: Top 10 posts of 2014*


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Well folks it’s that time again, where I pick up the sizable gauntlet from my predecessor, social media maven Blythe Fraser, and look back upon our year that was. From our old home in Bratislava to our new digs in Istanbul, what have been our most popular stories? What intrigued you the most? What did… Read more »

Micronarratives in Georgia: How to collect feedback from citizen experts


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Having worked for the United Nations for over ten years, I’m still surprised that we’re consulting a chief storyteller to probe the ground in human rights situation in Georgia. And yet, we hosted Tony Quinlan, Chief Storyteller of Narrate, who comes with the wealth of experience in using an unconventional method of collecting narratives and… Read more »

Empowering young people in Kyrgyzstan to have a say in the post-2015 development agenda


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“Young people should play a central role in the formulation of the development agenda. People need to be more actively involved in the process of decision making for the country.” This statement is one of the responses voiced during Post-2015 national consulta­tions in Kyrgyzstan, which began in late 2012. With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)… Read more »

Storytelling gets it due: Micro narratives provide an in-depth look at society


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While sitting on a beautiful hill, overlooking the tranquil expanse of water, it is difficult to notice the pulse of life there, in the depths. Sometimes ripple-like patterns from whales’ tails or submarine periscopes appear on the surface, which could provide only a sketchy idea of the life in the depths. Over time, scientists have created a number of tools to explore the depths, which fall into one of two large groups…. Read more »

Real time feedback loops in action!


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It’s one of those serendipitous coincidences. Earlier this week, Marc Bausch from Usecon showed us how they include real-time user evaluation in the design of new products. Customers use, say, a newly designed ATM machine and they are asked to rate their experience on the spot (Amazon-style) through an interactive display. Engineers evaluate the feedback and revise… Read more »