Step aside, Pokemon Go: Moldova goes Mega to fight climate change


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The economic losses of Moldova related to natural disasters are almost 61 million USD. The disastrous droughts of 2007 and 2012 affected over 70 per cent of the territory of the country. They were also historically the most severe droughts in the entire instrumental record period. Though the intensity and frequency of such disasters are expected… Read more »

What can young people bring to development? An intern’s ode to youth and inexperience


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One of the things that strikes me about today’s working culture is how little youth and inexperience are valued. When I was beginning my Master’s degree, I did not question the centrality of experience in our professional world. I had resigned myself to go through the journey from low-skilled, low-responsibility positions to higher-responsibility, more interesting… Read more »

Can we build a social innovation ecosystem in FYR Macedonia?

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Inspired by Cari Keller’s exciting coaching, we all agreed that ‘design thinking’ could be a powerful approach to tackling development problems. To spread our enthusiasm, we established the country’s first ever winter design thinking course*. Young people can benefit from adopting a fresh, design thinking approach. New start-ups tend to simply replicate ideas that have… Read more »

From the periphery towards the centre: making “innovation” the new normal at UNDP

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  A recent evaluation of our work by MindLab gave us an opportunity for reflection. “Embedding innovation in our business processes” is an aspirational mantra we often hear. We realize now that the mantra, with its emphasis on system thinking, goes against the very grain of the  culture of a very project-orientated organisation. What we… Read more »

A Perfect Marriage: Bringing together development and entrepreneurship

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According to some estimates, achieving the Global Goals will cost $172.5 trillion by 2030. Consider that aid towards developing countries currently sits around $350 billion annually. It’s clear there is a major gap in funding between where we are and where we want to go. Some relevant questions we often ask ourselves: How can we… Read more »

People helping people: It’s a new day for public services in Kyrgyzstan

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With growing internal migration and weakening economic situation in the region, it is no surprise that the isolation is becoming an increasing issue in Kyrgyzstan. According to the Social Fund, over 38% retirees live below the minimum living wage, with more than 5,000 claiming they feel lonely. Liudmila is a 77-year-old lady who has been… Read more »