Why troublemakers should work together: Ten thoughts on innovation and gender equality

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Pushing innovation and working for gender equality are a natural fit. Both necessitate the combination of causing trouble, looking at internal mechanisms, and working with non-traditional partners. Moreover, both have transformational potential. Inspired by UNDP’s current innovation agenda and Giulio Quaggiotto’s Development 2.0 Manifesto, we formulated some principles on innovation and gender equality.

Being the change: Social innovation takes Serbia


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Social innovation workshops are all about bringing together designers and software developers with citizen experts for realistic and need-driven solutions to the social problems they face. In Serbia, we decided to take this idea to the people. Last month in the towns of Novi Pazar, Tutin and Nova Varos, we unveiled Serbia’s first ever social… Read more »

HuRiLab’s Ukrainian urban planning experiment

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Modern Ukraine is an industrial country with a predominantly urban population. With the rapid urban development of the past decades, government institutions in Ukraine are using internet technologies more and more actively to inform citizens about official decisions related to urban planning. They use online platforms to announce updates such as when they adopt new… Read more »

Roma strategies: time to put them into action


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National Roma integration strategies – which are supposed to guide and secure the process of Roma inclusion within European Union (EU) countries – have been duly submitted and diplomatically praised by the European Commission. They are what they are, and can always be improved. Proposals have already been voiced about the need to review the… Read more »