Preventing domestic violence in Tajikistan


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Is violence against women becoming the norm in Tajikistan? According to the Millennium Development Goals Women and Men in the Republic of Tajikistan (pdf) report, approximately half of all women in Tajikistan believe that violence by a husband against his wife is acceptable. The rates are even higher among rural residents. This is not acceptable…. Read more »

Young people at the forefront of HIV prevention in Uzbekistan


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Zebiniso Muhsinova is only 21. Nevertheless, she conducts her HIV awareness mini-sessions among schoolchildren with the confidence and flair of a prominent trainer. “Active participation of young people, their eagerness to learn and protect themselves from HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse are amazing. Practice shows that our students are generally aware of these… Read more »

3 ways to tell when we’re actually going to ‘end AIDS’


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UNAIDS released their annual report this week on the state of the global AIDS epidemic, and the media headlines were universally optimistic. ‘Ending AIDS’ is possible in our lifetime. Possible, yes. But we are not on pace for it quite yet. Indeed the achievements reported are real, and they’re saving millions of lives and promoting… Read more »

Would you donate blood?


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We almost never think about blood, and rarely think about donating it. I realized the importance of donating blood only recently, after our project rolled out a donor blood safety component. Many times blood is needed for victims of catastrophes, car accidents, or during childbirth, and sometimes the availability of blood within seconds determines whether a… Read more »

Preventing HIV infection among injecting drug users in Central Asia

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We recently met with partners from Central Asia at the Technical Consultation on experiences and challenges in prevention of HIV in injecting drug users in the Central Asian Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) European region. The meeting was organized under the lead of WHO Europe in collaboration with the Ministry of Health… Read more »

Violence and the risk of HIV


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There is increasing evidence that there is a link between gender-based violence and HIV transmission. Women who have experienced intimate partner violence have double the risk of contracting HIV and sexually transmitted infections. (World Health Organization, 2011 Why address gender-based violence in HIV response & what are effective strategies?) This finding is relevant for sex… Read more »