Ukraine: Mobilizing tech activists for human security


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“IT-mobilization – National Human Security Hackathon on April 4-5” I recently received that cryptic text message on my mobile phone; though as a member of SocialBoost‘s network of civic IT activists perhaps I shouldn’t have been too shocked. The same messages inviting people to join the first National Human Security Hackathon co-organized by UNDP in Ukraine, National Security… Read more »

Georgia: Diplohackers Unite!


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How can we open up the circle of decision-makers to include regular citizens? How can governments better respond to citizens’ concerns? How can people and decision-makers cooperate for a better future in the coming decade? These were just some of the pointed questions raised by young Georgians during Post-2015 national consultations held in Georgia last year…. Read more »

Taking the Open Government Partnership to the next level in Ukraine: come and help us!


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You might think November in Kyiv is rather freezing, but from where I sit, it’s going to be a month hot with action! The Open Government Partnership initiative in Ukraine will make a bold jump forward thanks to the ideas and energy of its young citizens. OpenIdeas4UA is a new format for us at UNDP… Read more »