Why do the Global Goals matter to Kosovo*?


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This year not only marks the UN’s 70th anniversary, but also a new chapter in the development agenda: the launching of the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals will guide development for the next 15 years. This past Saturday, 24 October, we joined together to celebrate the launching of these new goals.

A Call to Action: Stop “Bride Kidnapping”


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One of the less pleasant things associated with Kyrgyzstan is the cruel tradition of “bride kidnapping”. Recent research from local NGOs show that at least fifty percent of the marriages in the country involve elements of this ritual. Essentially, “bride kidnapping” is the ritual of ambushing a young woman and detaining her until she agrees… Read more »

First guidelines for gender sensitive policing in South East Europe

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The Women Police Officers Network in South East Europe with the support of UNDP/SEESAC launched Guidelines for Gender Sensitive Policing with Particular Focus on Recruitment, Selection and Professional Development of Women in Police Services. The Guidelines propose a set of simple and low cost measures to help police services in South East Europe attract and… Read more »