Game changer: Five things we learned playing Youth@Work in Moldova

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The three exciting weeks of playing Youth@Work on Community PlanIt are over. The awards have found their winners and we are in the process of analyzing the results. We at UNDP, the Engagement Lab at Emerson College, and National Council of Youth from Moldova, have been hard at work for the past five months, designing and implementing… Read more »

Come play! Getting youth back to work in Moldova

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The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! The first-ever online game Youth@Work, which gives young people the chance to get involved in the development of their community, was launched in the Republic of Moldova. Aimed at addressing unemployment among young people, the game involves youth, employers, and decision-makers in the Republic of Moldova who… Read more »

A game-changing approach to promoting sustainable farming in Prespa


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Games are an extremely powerful tool to both educate and engage. We’ve seen how they’ve been used to tackle some big issues: from unemployment in Moldova to peace and security in Cyprus and Kosovo. It’s this momentum that we at the Restoration of Lake Prespa project are running with: building off our project’s previous success using Facebook and… Read more »

Fixing unemployment… by playing games?

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With over 7,000 Moldovans involved in the Post-2015 national consultations, it would be a shame not to address the problems that came up and let all that social energy go to waste. The consultations uncovered a long list of major problems, but it’s risky to dive right in without the proper preparation and resources. It’s… Read more »

Peace, innovation and gamification: Can games help resolve social conflict?

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Whether it’s pure entertainment, competition, or rewards, people are spending more and more hours playing games. As one of the fastest growing industries in 2013, it isn’t surprising to see many sectors looking at how to leverage this growing mass of gamers for good be it for disaster response, engagement of youth with mental health… Read more »