Getting a handle on it: Twitter and disaster relief in fYR Macedonia


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As the recent devastation wrought by flooding in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown, social media has a vital role to play in spreading information during natural and human-made disasters. Twitter is a great example of a platform that can quickly deliver vital information to a vast number of people. So Igor Miskovski of the… Read more »

Dashboard: Greater transparency brings greater participation in fYR Macedonia


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One of the most interesting issues we’re working on in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia right now is finding new ways to encourage citizen participation in local governance. Access to information is key: “Before, most people outside the administration found it quite difficult to access and understand a lot of information about the key functions… Read more »

Social innovation camp toolkit: Troublemaking with UNDP


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Three years ago, as UNDP’s innovation agenda began to take off, a few early adopters experimented with Social Innovation Camps. The events opened us up to an array of unusual suspects. Social entrepreneurs, activists and hackers created a renewed sense of agency. Together with government officials and development sector traditionalists, the teams built ventures to reduce pollution in… Read more »

A game-changing approach to promoting sustainable farming in Prespa


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Games are an extremely powerful tool to both educate and engage. We’ve seen how they’ve been used to tackle some big issues: from unemployment in Moldova to peace and security in Cyprus and Kosovo. It’s this momentum that we at the Restoration of Lake Prespa project are running with: building off our project’s previous success using Facebook and… Read more »

Not another toolkit? Conspiring with UNDP

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Perhaps rightly so, development workers are sometimes wary or dismissive of toolkits that are often disconnected from their daily reality. Development Impact & You isn’t your typical toolkit. We’ve been careful not to add to the noise simply by creating new material and hoping people will use it. Instead we have pulled together a collection… Read more »

To drive or not to drive: New green routes planner to help make smarter travel decisions

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To drive or not to drive? It’s a question many of us ask ourselves each time we travel from home. What is the shortest and quickest route? What crossroads and junctions should I avoid? Will I find a place to park? Maybe I should take a bus—but will that make me late? Maybe it’s time… Read more »

Youth Mobile App: Bringing job opportunities to young people in fYR Macedonia


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Young people and smartphones go hand in hand – literally! So what better way to tackle the issue of youth unemployment than with an app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere? Even with a staggering youth unemployment rate of 54 percent in fYR Macedonia, 90 percent of young people in the country have access to… Read more »