Awareness is key: Human rights in Armenia


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The Human Rights Lab (HuRiLab) Fellowship programme is a unique opportunity for young people in Europe and Central Asia with a passion for human rights to put their ideas into action. The concept behind HuRiLab is simple: Engage more people in addressing the challenges posed by discrimination and marginalization. But how does it apply to the fellowships?

Riding the edge: Guerrilla gardeners and female hacktivists build the future we want today


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What happens when instead of asking people about the problems they are facing, you focus on looking at what is already being done to address them? This is what we’re doing with the ‘Spot the Future’ initiative – instead of waiting for the Post-2015 world to come to us, we’re looking to find people who… Read more »

Back to the future: Innovation takes flight


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Those of you who have been following the process of post-2015 consultations probably remember the blog post where we asked: What if post-2015 were already here? In other words, as we keep consulting with citizens on how they want their future to look, we’re also looking at reframing the question from another perspective. We’re asking: What… Read more »