Understanding realities: Foresight for development in Armenia

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In the past few months Kolba Lab here in Armenia has jumped on the “gold rush to the future“. This is the first in a series of blogs that aims to share our rationales, experiences, and results. Today’s challenges – increased complexity and interconnectedness of development issues, alongside endemic deficiencies within static bureaucracies – are pushing… Read more »

Volatility and the ‘new normal’: A discussion with Helen Clark


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Last week, at the International Development Conference for South-South Cooperation, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with my boss: former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Forbes Magazine’s 23rd most powerful woman in the world, and (to my delight) Blood on the Tracks-era Bob Dylan fan, Helen Clark. Ms. Clark is presiding over the… Read more »

Edgeryders helps UNDP spot the future in Armenia, Georgia and Egypt


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The Edgeryders community expects interesting additions! We will soon have innovators from Armenia, Egypt and Georgia joining us, and together we’ll find and highlight citizen solutions to challenges in their countries. This is a paid gig, awarded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to our Edgeryders company. We know this is good for the… Read more »