The time is now: Gender (in)equality in Europe and Central Asia


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In 2015, it will be 20 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women, setting up the agenda for improving women’s participation in both public and private life. 2015 also marks the year when the Millennium Development Goals will expire and a new development framework will be… Read more »

Coming up: Europe and the Arab States sharing knowledge and experience across regions


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As we speak, leaders of civil society, think tanks, academic and public institutions from Europe and the Arab States are building networks and sharing experiences between the two regions. UNDP’s special event, sprinkled by the spirit of the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange, will take place in Doha, Qatar on 20 February 2014 and… Read more »

Inequality and the “radical middle”?


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Global leaders are once again meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland to discuss and – one hopes – find solutions to the increasingly volatile economic and political forces shaping our world. In a marked change from past get-togethers, mainstream economists will be talking about something more usually associated with the development community: Rising socio-economic inequality…. Read more »

The bitter truth behind the Roma question – why no progress so far (part 2)


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So far, inclusion efforts have failed to achieve their noble goals. A major reason for this is ‘sticking to a single dimension’ in a complex challenge. This approach is appealing because of its simplicity, but produces irrelevant (and potentially disastrous) results. There are three dominating extremes when it comes to approaching the Roma issue. One… Read more »

Carbon consumption, transition and developing economies: Sinners or sinned against?


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Should national contributions to climate change be measured as greenhouse gases emitted by the countries in which they are produced? Or should they be “charged against” the countries in which the goods and services that generate these emissions are consumed? This issue was highlighted by a new study (See: Growth in emission transfers via international… Read more »

Rule of law or rule without law?


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The principle that all people, public and private institutions, and all states are accountable to laws that are equally enforced and independently adjudicated is fundamental to governance and human rights. However, realities on the ground are less than ideal. Let’s take the example of the recommendations agreed by United Nations member states through the Universal… Read more »

A world without borders: Optimistic viewpoint or mission impossible?


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Michael Clemens recently said in the Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog that “A world without borders makes economic sense.” Mr. Clemens has some interesting ideas about free movement of labour throughout the world, arguing that “a modest relaxation of barriers to human mobility between countries would bring more global economic prosperity than the total elimination of… Read more »

Is social contracting the way forward for more effective social service delivery in Eastern Europe and CIS?


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Social services such as education, health care, subsidized housing or welfare meals are principally provided by the state to improve the quality of life for children, people with disabilities, the elderly and vulnerable individuals who cannot meet their basic needs. In the last two decades, most countries in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent… Read more »

High carbon = high human development?


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With a team of experts from the United Nations Development Group, we’re in Bratislava planning how to engage governments in Europe and Central Asia in the run up to the global sustainable development conference next year (a.k.a. Rio+20). Rio will take the debate on environmental sustainability forward by looking at fundamental global questions about the… Read more »