Moldova post-2015: Understanding the complexity

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We recently blogged about how we are planning with citizens to improve the institutions Moldova will need in the post-2015 future. Now, we want to look into the main challenges and impacts as seen by the participants in the survey we conducted using Futurescaper. In the three weeks it was live, Futurescaper brought a new… Read more »

Moldova post-2015: How are we getting ready?

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Some time ago, in the first round of the national post-2015 consultations, citizens in Moldova told us about their aspirations. They spoke of finding decent work, wanting better social protection, and having more accountable governance. This will be all the more challenging in a world where rising energy and food prices, climate-related threats, emigration, and… Read more »

Roma women: Exposing inequality


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Since its early days, the Decade of Roma Inclusion has focused primarily on four priority areas: employment, education, health and housing. Even though gender equality is a cross-cutting issue, attention to this area has been significantly smaller throughout the years. Usually, gender equality is treated as an isolated category, rather than a social factor that… Read more »

Fixing unemployment… by playing games?

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With over 7,000 Moldovans involved in the Post-2015 national consultations, it would be a shame not to address the problems that came up and let all that social energy go to waste. The consultations uncovered a long list of major problems, but it’s risky to dive right in without the proper preparation and resources. It’s… Read more »

Polish textile companies embrace social responsibility

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Most textile workers in Poland are older women, and many live with a disability or are returning to work after a long period of unemployment. It is difficult for them to form labour unions or any other kind of employee organization. The Polish garment industry has also deteriorated in recent years, from the economic transformation… Read more »

A chat about transgender issues, human rights and living in a kinder world


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Today, on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, I would like to introduce you to Kirill Sabir, head of the FtM Phoenix Group and supporter and former board member of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (Follow them on Twitter: @ECOM_MSM) I had the privilege to talk to Kirill, an activist and advocate for… Read more »