Lessons for Greece from other lands


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For many, Greece has become synonymous with the word ‘crisis’. For the longest time, for better or worse, she could not escape the spotlight. Words were thrown around – frivolously, carelessly: debt, austerity, irresponsibility, welfare, reform. We read as much as we could handle, listened as much as we could, and tried to make sense… Read more »

Black gold and its dividends: How Azerbaijan is avoiding the oil curse


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What are types of challenges do resource-dependent countries tend to face? Twenty years after signing the ‘Contract of the Century’, Azerbaijan has emerged as a regional power with a growing economy and a developing infrastructure. Now, the government is working hard to transfer the success of the nation’s oil industry to the development of its… Read more »

A ‘bad girl’ no longer: Tackling gender inequality in Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan, especially in rural areas, there exists a very powerful term for women who don’t follow the rules: ‘pis giz’ – or bad girl. For an Azerbaijani woman, being called a pis giz is more than just a gender slur. It can mean the total loss of respect in her community, ineligibility for marriage,… Read more »

To respond or to prevent? The high cost of natural disasters in Georgia


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This Saturday 13 October, the world marks the international day for disaster risk reduction. In Georgia, disasters, particularly floods and droughts, continue to cause ever greater human and physical damage and loss. Georgia spends millions of dollars on emergency response and short-term recovery, while disaster risks remain. Floods in 2007 in Georgia resulted in losses… Read more »

New UN partnership improving human security in Aral Sea region


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Human security isn’t just about the absence of violence. It is far more than that. Human security means the protection of people’s fundamental freedoms and encompasses governance, effective health care and education, all of which improve people’s lives. Often, human security is under serious threat in communities where environmental disasters take place, as they affect… Read more »

Towards a match.com for economic resilience in a crisis-stricken world


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So that’s what he’s been up to! My good friend and mentor Ken Banks of Kiwanja fame has just launched a very interesting initiative entitled “Means of Exchange.” Ken wants to democratize opportunities for radical economic self-sufficiency and thus render local communities more resilient to exogenous shocks. “I’ve been taking an increasing interest in economic resilience,” writes Ken, “particularly how… Read more »

The green economy: not a choice, a necessity

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Right now, presidents, prime ministers, scientists and civil society leaders are meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to assess progress since a previous landmark gathering in the same place 20 years ago and to try to put the World on a sustainable path. A green economy is one of two key topics to be discussed…. Read more »