Reflecting on futures and development: Five thoughts from Istanbul


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What is the connection between foresight and development? How can foresight be used to improve development practices? What new participatory platforms are relevant for those working in international development? These were the main questions driving this month’s research and development workshop in Istanbul where I was honoured to be both presenter and participant.

Volatility and the ‘new normal’: A discussion with Helen Clark


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Last week, at the International Development Conference for South-South Cooperation, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with my boss: former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Forbes Magazine’s 23rd most powerful woman in the world, and (to my delight) Blood on the Tracks-era Bob Dylan fan, Helen Clark. Ms. Clark is presiding over the… Read more »

Engendering change in gender and corruption


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Corruption is a global threat that undermines a country’s development progress by limiting citizens’ abilities to claim their rights. The linkages between gender equality and development have long been recognized. For example, societies with greater female education have higher growth rates and per-capita incomes, better maternal health, lower infant mortality, and increased levels of nutrition. However, when… Read more »

Ukraine: Mobilizing tech activists for human security


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“IT-mobilization – National Human Security Hackathon on April 4-5″ I recently received that cryptic text message on my mobile phone; though as a member of SocialBoost‘s network of civic IT activists perhaps I shouldn’t have been too shocked. The same messages inviting people to join the first National Human Security Hackathon co-organized by UNDP in Ukraine, National Security… Read more »

A review of Owen Barder’s talk on complexity and development


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Several months ago Owen Barder delivered a Kapucinski lecture on the implications of complexity theory for development, and followed it up with a series of blog posts (See: All that glisters: the golden thread and complexity and What is Development?) UNDP too, is analyzing how complexity science can strengthen its work – whether it’s related… Read more »

Ski tourism for local development


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Soraya Soemadiredja, UNDP in Uzbekistan Community-based ecotourism is currently the hot topic in UNDP’s Local Government Support Project office in Uzbekistan. We see it as a key part of supporting and empowering regional and local development, particularly in the regions of Djizak and Namangan. One of the most exciting activities of the joint project between… Read more »

Is substitution really such a big deal?


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Over the past few months I increasingly see statements in our UNDP documents that we are avoiding, or at least should be avoiding, the substitution of capacities. We seem to assume that if we (UNDP) are doing something that we believe the government should be doing, we are substituting and, hence, it is bad and should be… Read more »