New hope for healthcare in Kyrgyzstan


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For over five years, I have been working for access to essential medicines. I have always been amazed to see how it is the poor countries that often must pay the most when it comes to keep their citizens healthy. Consider antiretrovirals – these live-saving medications are crucial for keeping HIV a chronic and treatable… Read more »

A ‘bad girl’ no longer: Tackling gender inequality in Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan, especially in rural areas, there exists a very powerful term for women who don’t follow the rules: ‘pis giz’ – or bad girl. For an Azerbaijani woman, being called a pis giz is more than just a gender slur. It can mean the total loss of respect in her community, ineligibility for marriage,… Read more »

Coming up: Europe and the Arab States sharing knowledge and experience across regions


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As we speak, leaders of civil society, think tanks, academic and public institutions from Europe and the Arab States are building networks and sharing experiences between the two regions. UNDP’s special event, sprinkled by the spirit of the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange, will take place in Doha, Qatar on 20 February 2014 and… Read more »

Peace attack Cyprus


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This post was originally published on Let Them Talk Here’s a dream job: support the conceptualization and visualization of a digital hub for civil society practitioners working to promote peace and social cohesion. Now make it better: the project has the support of a very dynamic office (UNDP, Cyprus), contributions and leadership from a flexible… Read more »

Power of One – turning ideas into action


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Helena Puig Larrauri’s recent blog post from the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange has already provided insight to this event dedicated to citizen-led innovation and social change. I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate. Why? Because it has not only allowed me to meet and network with participants from Cyprus, Central and… Read more »

Innovation, development, and why you should drink coffee


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A few months ago, I met Brian McQuinn at Geneva airport for coffee. I learned later that Brian + coffee = mile-a-minute talking, and that our rapid talk brainstorming would have unexpected consequences. Brian and I had both been contracted to facilitate an inter-regional learning exchange conference convened by the Cyprus Peace it Together civil… Read more »