Citizen local initiatives: the new force for a global change


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I am working with UNDP’s Knowledge and Innovation team in Bratislava as web communications intern. One part of my work is publishing posts from all the country offices in Europe and Central Asia. It is a great opportunity to learn from all the projects being implemented by UNDP in the region. I’m especially interested in… Read more »

A conversation with Joachim Spangenberg on sustainable development and social change


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Over coffee on a warm and windy day, Albert Soer and I talked with Joachim Spangenberg, Vice President of the Sustainable Europe Research Institute, on how to unpack sustainable development so these abstract ideas can transform how we govern our societies. The overall orientation of our governance structures and unsustainable consumption and production patterns is… Read more »

Power of One – turning ideas into action


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Helena Puig Larrauri’s recent blog post from the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange has already provided insight to this event dedicated to citizen-led innovation and social change. I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate. Why? Because it has not only allowed me to meet and network with participants from Cyprus, Central and… Read more »

A review of Owen Barder’s talk on complexity and development


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Several months ago Owen Barder delivered a Kapucinski lecture on the implications of complexity theory for development, and followed it up with a series of blog posts (See: All that glisters: the golden thread and complexity and What is Development?) UNDP too, is analyzing how complexity science can strengthen its work – whether it’s related… Read more »

How to promote UN conventions on marriage and family, AND get marriage proposals


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  When I was requested to provide a learning session on United Nations conventions on issues of family and marriage for decision-makers in Uzbekistan – parliamentarians, local authorities, representatives of the Women’s Committee, and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the last thing I expected was getting proposals of blind dates with… Read more »

Complexity and development


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Social inequality, conflict, climate change, poverty, drug abuse – all of these are emergent problems resulting from a million very contextual, small-scale decisions and events that add up to some of the most destructive issues we face today. Who would have thought that one of the greatest advancements in human history – the Industrial Revolution… Read more »

Opening up government data – not if, but when

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Live-tweeting from a conference several weeks ago, we realized first hand that this wasn’t just an exercise in opening up a dialogue to all who weren’t in the room with the help of the internet, but it was a useful way to get more input and great ideas. We are currently following up on a specific… Read more »