Back to the future: Innovation takes flight


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Those of you who have been following the process of post-2015 consultations probably remember the blog post where we asked: What if post-2015 were already here? In other words, as we keep consulting with citizens on how they want their future to look, we’re also looking at reframing the question from another perspective. We’re asking: What… Read more »

Social innovation camp toolkit: Troublemaking with UNDP


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Three years ago, as UNDP’s innovation agenda began to take off, a few early adopters experimented with Social Innovation Camps. The events opened us up to an array of unusual suspects. Social entrepreneurs, activists and hackers created a renewed sense of agency. Together with government officials and development sector traditionalists, the teams built ventures to reduce pollution in… Read more »

Not another toolkit? Conspiring with UNDP

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Perhaps rightly so, development workers are sometimes wary or dismissive of toolkits that are often disconnected from their daily reality. Development Impact & You isn’t your typical toolkit. We’ve been careful not to add to the noise simply by creating new material and hoping people will use it. Instead we have pulled together a collection… Read more »

Edgeryders helps UNDP spot the future in Armenia, Georgia and Egypt


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The Edgeryders community expects interesting additions! We will soon have innovators from Armenia, Egypt and Georgia joining us, and together we’ll find and highlight citizen solutions to challenges in their countries. This is a paid gig, awarded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to our Edgeryders company. We know this is good for the… Read more »

A local democratic deficit – SMS polling to the rescue?


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Armenian public decision-making has typically been marked by distrust and low engagement, despite having access to the necessary legal framework and institutions. Recently, though, there have been signs of greater civic activism and trust in local authorities. According to data from the Caucasus Barometer, local governments had the third highest public trust rating in 2012… Read more »

MicroForester: Mobile app brings green jobs to rural areas


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While mapping the startup scene in Armenia in preparation for Kolba Labs, I discovered MicroForester, an app with high potential for social and environmental impact. With the help of mLab ECA, I tracked down Alexander Shakaryan, the founder, to learn more. Q: Tell us about MicroForester… who benefits and how? AS: To explain how it… Read more »