A ‘bad girl’ no longer: Tackling gender inequality in Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan, especially in rural areas, there exists a very powerful term for women who don’t follow the rules: ‘pis giz’ – or bad girl. For an Azerbaijani woman, being called a pis giz is more than just a gender slur. It can mean the total loss of respect in her community, ineligibility for marriage,… Read more »

Power of One – turning ideas into action


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Helena Puig Larrauri’s recent blog post from the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange has already provided insight to this event dedicated to citizen-led innovation and social change. I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate. Why? Because it has not only allowed me to meet and network with participants from Cyprus, Central and… Read more »

Innovation, development, and why you should drink coffee


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A few months ago, I met Brian McQuinn at Geneva airport for coffee. I learned later that Brian + coffee = mile-a-minute talking, and that our rapid talk brainstorming would have unexpected consequences. Brian and I had both been contracted to facilitate an inter-regional learning exchange conference convened by the Cyprus Peace it Together civil… Read more »

Social media and civic activism in Armenia


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Trchkan waterfall was saved through a “camp out” to prevent nearby construction: Save Trchkan Mashtots park was saved from being turned into boutique trade zone: This City Belongs to Us Changes to the law on maternity leave were stopped Citizens are using Facebook to: Save Teghut Forest, Save Teghut, and Saveour Market Building These are just a few examples of Armenian activism that are happening via social… Read more »