Big data and open secrets: The coming SDG data disconnect


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new Global Partnership will strengthen data-driven decision-making to help achieve the SDGs 

A recent Project Syndicate report revealed that several governments, businesses, and other partners would be announcing a new “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data” at the UN this month.

The partnership will support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by raising more funds, encouraging knowledge-sharing, addressing key barriers to access and use of data, and identifying new big data strategies to upgrade the world’s statistical systems.

This is desperately needed.

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Falling remittances for Central Asia: How bad? How long?


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Declining opportunities: Read more about our new report (Photo: Mashid Mohadjerin)

Remittances flowing into the less wealthy Central Asian countries are – relative to GDP – among the largest in the world.

As the data in the below figure reveals, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have been world leaders in this category since 2011:

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Forget the Ministry of Sound, welcome to the Ministry of Data

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Ministry of Data in action: Crunch data, win 10 grand. Who’s in?.

The Ministry of Data launched on October 1 and we are now in full swing.

Come and meet us, check out the challenge online, talk to us on Facebook and, most importantly, APPLY TODAY!

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To Malaysia and back: Three things I learned


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Welcome the jungle: Virunga put so much pressure on an oil company, that it halted operations soon after

Last month – alongside nearly 1,200 other anticorruption experts and practitioners from over 130 countries – I had the opportunity to go to Malaysia for the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC).

UNDP was one of the main organizers and I was keen to bring the Romanian perspective following our work on the subject.

So what did I learn?

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Different but the same: A festival of peace

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The UNDP team in Kyrgyzstan has found a way to bring diverse communities together around one shared symbol.

13 nationalities live in Osh side by side.

The sheer fact of living around this multiculturalism is inspiring. Yet the communities themselves are so disconnected from one another that it’s easy to forget such diversity exists in the first place.

Take, for example, my seven-year-old sister, who is awestruck as I hand her dolls dressed in the traditional costumes of nationals living around the Sulaiman-Too Mountain.

I don’t blame her. It wasn’t until the festival we held in 2014 when I found out about the many groups who live here myself.

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Collecting stories from chaos

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A teacher in Yemen

Building a better future: See how UNDP is providing jobs for young people affected by conflict

The war here in Yemen has caused over 4,000 civilians deaths and 1.4 million Yemenis to be internally displaced since March.

To examine the impact of this war, UNDP in Yemen turned to citizens to hear their daily hardships and identify opportunities to restore livelihoods.

But the survey we’re conducting is very different from traditional assessments and our respondents are interested and curious.

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Diffusing the powder keg


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Scenic southern Albania, near the Greek border, outside the town of Përmet (Photos: Christopher T. Barber)

In early July 2015, two Czech tourists were gunned down in the hauntingly beautiful mountains of northern Albania.

The 25-year old suspect, who allegedly committed the crime with an old, communist-era Kalashnikov, was arrested a couple days later.

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Let’s dance: Put on your “cooperation” shoes

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anti corruption conference

Not your average conference: Anti-corruption experts from around the region come together in Istanbul

We’ve all said it.

How boring is this conference – sitting in a hot, windowless room, a unenthused speaker reading off the same PowerPoint he or she’s been using since the late 1990’s.

The truth is there is always something to learn; however, it’s just not necessarily during the presentation.

What’s interesting to us is what happens behind the scenes where the real conversations take place.

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Lessons for Greece from other lands


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For many, Greece has become synonymous with the word ‘crisis’.

For the longest time, for better or worse, she could not escape the spotlight. Words were thrown around – frivolously, carelessly: debt, austerity, irresponsibility, welfare, reform.

We read as much as we could handle, listened as much as we could, and tried to make sense of it all.

Whose fault is it? And whose responsibility – to fix it?

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