Future Agro Challenge takes root in Kyrgyzstan

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man smelling flower

Stop and smell the roses: Almost 65 percent of the workforce in Kyrgyzstan is employed in agriculture

This month, we’ll be taking a little trip to the future here in Kyrgyzstan.

That’s because our fair city of Bishkek will be playing host to the country’s first Future Agro Challenge (FAC).

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Cycling cities: Almaty takes a spin in Medellín


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Almaty’s cycling activists take to the streets in Colombia: Read our interview with the co-founder of Velo-Almaty

Last March, Almaty’s delegation to the 4th World Bicycle Forum returned from Medellín, where 6,000 cycling enthusiasts from five continents came together to share, learn, and understand.

The principle of “open streets” has reached epidemic proportions in more than 300 cities around the world.

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Albania: Where a picture’s worth a thousand words


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a woman smiling in 1927

A treasure trove: Hundreds of thousands of negatives are now being digitized.

One day, I found an unusual email in my inbox.

Sent from a man named Mark in the United States, the message read:

“Can you please help me find pictures of my great-grandfather who used to live in Shkoder until the beginning of the twentieth century?”

Surprised, I wondered how I would possibly find those pictures; but his message made it clear. Mark’s grandfather used to be photographed by the Marubi photo studio in Shkodër, and he had discovered that UNDP was helping digitize its archives.

Perhaps, we could help.

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Open budgets in Ukraine? That’s easy

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a group of young people on acomputer

There’s an app for that: Read how we’re fostering transparency in Ukraine (Photos: Eugene Zelenko)

It’s been almost a year since we asked citizens in three pilot Ukrainian municipalities what they wanted to know about their city budgets.

These results have now turned into tangible tools.

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Whose ladder is it anyway? Introducing Ha-Joon Chang


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Ha-Joon Chang portrait

(Photo credit: Wildershoots / www.wildershoots.com)

On 27 April, Cambridge University economist Ha-Joon Chang will give a Kapuściński Development Lecture in Bilbao.

If his past work is any guide, Professor Chang will argue that poverty reduction efforts should focus on industrial transformation, and the role of the state.

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New hope for healthcare in Kyrgyzstan


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women promoting good health

“Change the patent law and you will help us live longer” Our civil society partners take to the streets

For over five years, I have been working for access to essential medicines.

I have always been amazed to see how it is the poor countries that often must pay the most when it comes to keep their citizens healthy.

Consider antiretrovirals – these live-saving medications are crucial for keeping HIV a chronic and treatable condition.

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Everyone’s heritage: Cultural sites offer new beginnings in Cyprus

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two women embracing

A Turkish Cypriot resident of Deneia/Denya meets her former Greek Cypriot neighbour at a completion ceremony of the local mosque (Photo UNDP-PFF)

Cypriots today are rediscovering their unity around a shared cultural heritage; however, this hasn’t always been the case.

How did this shift happen?

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From sun solutions to climate cafés: Nationwide campaign taps into local talent


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a baby picking up a bottle

It depends on you: What’s your green energy solution?

While it comes to climate change, getting citizens engaged in their communities is crucial.

To tap into this natural pool of talent, UNDP in fYR Macedonia launched a nationwide campaign last December, inviting members of the public to submit their own innovative proposals for tackling climate change.

We received over 130 ideas – and ten of the best were shortlisted for further development.

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Educated guesses: An open challenge in Moldova

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How does it look on paper? Prototyping a new platform (Photos: Cristina Lisii)

Last year, at Moldova’s innovation lab, we decided to experiment with a new tool aimed at reforming education.

Along with the Ministry of Education and participating citizens, we launched an online platform open challenge asking Moldovans a simple question:

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A symbolic change: Time to rebrand justice?


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lady justice

Redrawing justice: What picture would you choose to represent justice?

Justice is often symbolized as a blindfolded woman holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other.

I believe this symbol contributes to the ongoing perception that justice is closely linked with coercion.

In line with global efforts to ensure access to justice, I would like to suggest looking for a new symbol that can better convey these principles.

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