Men and women seemed equal under socialism, so why aren’t they now?


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Researching labour market inequalities for the Regional Human Development Report, I can see clearly that gender inequality is alive and well in the Western Balkans.

Although some countries show promising hints of improvement, the unfavorable economic background of the last decade has prevented women from advancing on a number of different fronts.

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How do we boost health equity and end HIV in Eurasia? Time to #talkinequality


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We recently asked our colleagues and partners to share their thoughts on UNDP’s role in addressing Health Equity and HIV meaningfully in Eurasia.

Our contributors agreed that the first wealth is health. Without ensuring the access to health of the poorest, most marginalized and excluded groups of society, sustainable human development is unattainable.

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The true cost of environmental degradation: Time to #talkinequality


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The Caucuses and Central Asia region has some of the highest inequalities in the world.

For one, land resources in this part of the world are highly unequally distributed. Historically, the pace of land reforms here has been slower compared to those in Central and Eastern Europe. This fact bears significant impact on levels of poverty.

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The Power of Dialogue: Getting closer to a solution in Cyprus


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On December 24, Greek Cypriot Leader, Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot Leader, Mustafa Akinci, gave a joint New Year message announcing their hopes for peace and prosperity on a reunified island.

The message is perhaps an indication of major developments to come in 2016.

Changes in the political narrative since the election of Mustafa Akinci as Turkish Cypriot leader are a reflection of the island’s profound transformation. They also suggest that for the first time, there is a strong opportunity for carving out a peace deal and ending one of the world’s most enduring conflicts.

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Building different kinds of bridges together in Kosovo*


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In the 2014 Human Development Report, Khalid Malik writes:

“Human resilience is about removing the barriers that hold people back in their freedom to act. It is about enabling the disadvantaged and excluded groups to express their concerns, to be heard and to be active agents in shaping their destiny.”

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Focusing development efforts around the MDGs was not always easy


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Local officials in Uzbekistan take part in team building exercises. Photo: UNDP Uzbekistan

I remember meeting with partners in the Cabinet of Ministers in 2002-3, working as a poverty reduction consultant.

I was advised not to bring up the topic of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with government officials, as it would be insulting for them to compare their country with other developing countries. The Government officials were very proud of Uzbekistan’s well-developed health, education, and social protection systems and would not want to be associated with hunger and starving, unprotected children.

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