Feast or famine in rural Kazakhstan


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A new crop: Testing out drought resistant watermelons in Kyzylorda

Rice grows best in moist conditions.

It can’t grow in arid areas unless the field is properly irrigated. This is why 90 percent of the land in the dry region of Kyzylorda, is kept irrigated.

The only problem is that this area has also always been Kazakhstan’s biggest rice producer and provider for the other Central Asian countries, with the bulk of its economy relying on it.

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As the world turns: How a Kyrgyz soap opera is standing up for women

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A scene from the “TV channel 10”: disputes on women’s representation in the Parliament (Photo: Bakai Egen/UNDP in Kyrgyzstan)

The decorations in the room look very familiar to me.

I recognize the scene from one of my favourite sitcoms on  TV channel 10.

It resembles a ‘battlefield’, where, according to the script, women are trying to raise their voices and stand up for themselves.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.

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Why do the Global Goals matter to Kosovo*?


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During the post 2015 consultations Kosovo youth were asked to share their ideas about how to solve some of Kosovo’s most important development issues.

This year not only marks the UN’s 70th anniversary, but also a new chapter in the development agenda: the launching of the Sustainable Development Goals.

These 17 goals will guide development for the next 15 years.

This past Saturday, 24 October, we joined together to celebrate the launching of these new goals.

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EduSoft: Shaping education together in Moldova

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Students present the app they are developing, called EduSoft.

It’s not the changing technology and software that matter.

It’s how we use the best available technology to shift learning in a way that fits our students’ needs.

This is why, as MiLab, we have been experimenting with the Ministry of Education through a number of initiatives to rethink education.

Our latest adventure is a hackathon, where we’ll be working with Moldova’s best and brightest to build next-generation educational content and tools.

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Big data and open secrets: The coming SDG data disconnect


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new Global Partnership will strengthen data-driven decision-making to help achieve the SDGs 

A recent Project Syndicate report revealed that several governments, businesses, and other partners would be announcing a new “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data” at the UN this month.

The partnership will support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by raising more funds, encouraging knowledge-sharing, addressing key barriers to access and use of data, and identifying new big data strategies to upgrade the world’s statistical systems.

This is desperately needed.

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Falling remittances for Central Asia: How bad? How long?


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Declining opportunities: Read more about our new report (Photo: Mashid Mohadjerin)

Remittances flowing into the less wealthy Central Asian countries are – relative to GDP – among the largest in the world.

As the data in the below figure reveals, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have been world leaders in this category since 2011:

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Forget the Ministry of Sound, welcome to the Ministry of Data

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Ministry of Data in action: Crunch data, win 10 grand. Who’s in?.

The Ministry of Data launched on October 1 and we are now in full swing.

Come and meet us, check out the challenge online, talk to us on Facebook and, most importantly, APPLY TODAY!

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