Come co-design with Georgia’s new Innovative Service Lab!

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team innovation

Co-designing in action with UNDP and FutureGov (Photos: Public Service Development Agency)

Reinventing public services has to start with the user.

Only by incremental experiments, with an eye on effectiveness and putting the end-users at the heart of the design process, can we truly hope to transform public services to meet our citizens’ needs.

Transforming public services to meet the true expectations of the citizens and create public value is indisputably a challenge.

The question is how to prototype, test, and scale up public services in response to this challenge?

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Georgia: Capturing the story


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irina presents an infographic

New things emerge: The author (center) talks about going visual (Photo: David Khizanishvili)

I work on reconciliation issues in Georgia, on the kinds of things that affect people’s lives directly.

It’s a job I love and more often than not, one that comes home with me.

I remember when I first heard the buzz around “innovation” at UNDP – I was unimpressed. It sounded like a shiny, new thing: all talk and no substance. It was hard for me to relate it back to the sensitive issues that I work on every day.

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Migration as a force for development


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attendants at the HDR launch

Zakiya Pirani, Iris Duri, and Erëblina Elezaj at last month’s local HDR launch (Photo: Lirak Mulliqi)

Human development is about the expanding people’s freedom and opportunities.

Mobility and the ability to migrate are fundamental elements of human freedom and development.

Unfortunately, this freedom is not applicable to Kosovo* and all its citizens.

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Volunteering the future: A call to arms

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youth looking up at camera

(Photo: Zaven Khachikyan/UNDP in Armenia)

How does volunteering make a difference?

These days, we are trying to do development differently: to partner with less usual suspects for outside insights, and tap into local energy and initiatives.

The ethos of volunteerism is exactly the same – it is not a supplement to the work we do; it is a natural component within it.

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Moldova’s innovation hub: Changing the way we police

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It all started with the renovation of a police station in Chișinău.

The question: Why don’t we redesign the space from the perspective of both provider (police) and user (community)?

At that moment, neither we, nor our partners from the municipal police department, could have imagined what that would entail.

We soon realized that changing the dynamics of a space is more than just constructing a room and moving around some furniture.

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Dispatch from Montenegro: Step inside the MindLab

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Kit Lykketoft talking

Citizen solutions: Read our interview with tech entrepreneur Kostas Mallios (Photo: Igor Milić)

It’s not the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ that intrigues Kit Lykketoft.

As Deputy Director of MindLab Denmark, Kit’s work focuses on user involvement, cross-departmental cooperation, and innovation in the public sector.

We met up with her in Podgorica, where she was giving the keynote speech to the audience gathered for UNDP’s global Shift week of innovation Action.

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Shifting towards innovation: Turkey’s elderly care policies

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shift event in ankara

Global shift (clockwise): UNDP in Turkey‘s Itır Akdoğan, Trudy-Ann James Linton of Jamaica’s Ministry of Finance, and Deniz Geçim of TEPAV

In Turkey, more than one in six seniors lives in poverty.

For women, it’s even worse, a staggering 62 percent have little to no income.

According to national statistics, the proportion of the elderly population (65 years and over) was 7.7 percent in 2013. This figure is expected to rise to 10.2 percent in 2023, and 20.8 percent by 2050.

Now is clearly the time to think about a rapid change in our elderly care policies.

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Taking a new look: Unleashing DIY culture in Uzbekistan


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garbage lab in action

[Ed. note: This was first of the three winning projects of UNDP’s regional Scaling Up Fund. Each proposal was designed to deliberately move away from more conventional ways of scaling (‘going big’) to a more adaptive approach (running multiple experiments and enhancing existing dynamics in the communities, as opposed to creating something new)] (Photos: Temur Ziadinov)

I recently came to Istanbul to learn more about scaling up a project framed around empowering young people (specifically those living with disabilities) in Uzbekistan.

My goal is to engage more young people in decision-making processes – to take the future into their own hands.

This experimental approach to scaling up got me to take a new look at the issues.

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Youth unemployment: The foresighting experience in Kosovo*

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In Kosovo, we’re looking ahead – and to do that we are using Futurescaper.

We’re using this innovative platform for three key reasons:

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