Getting together: Swiss and Kosovar students share ideas on e-governance


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Kosovo e governance 1

“If you as a citizen feel that public space has been intruded on, you have the right to react against it.” (Photos: Gjergj Filipaj)

It´s two in the afternoon and the conference room is packed.

It might be dismal and rainy outside but inside the room is buzzing with energy and bright ideas.

Over 40 young men and women – including 12 Swiss students – have come to listen and join the discussion on e-governance.

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Doing development differently: Social innovation in fYR Macedonia


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the hub

Check us out: Read how we’re bringing all sorts of people together to share ideas and explore new solutions

It’s been six months since we helped launch the first Social Innovation Hub in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with a mission to make the most of technology in tackling social challenges and advancing human development.

The Hub already has a reputation for being ‘the place where all the magic happens’.

And rightly so: In a very short time period, we’ve tested and prototyped over ten exciting ideas - some of which turned out to be real game-changers.

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What is human development? An animated look at Kosovo*

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Kosovo has maintained a steady 15 years of peace and stability and is now in the midst of further development.

However, a great deal of work remains in getting politicians in charge to support evidence-based policymaking: Its implementation is crucial for Kosovo and its aspirations to join the European Union in the future.

But how do we get the policymakers behind this?

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Open budgets: Scratching an itch in Ukraine


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people arguing

Open minds on open data: Read how we’re engaging in the open data debate

Why would you want the budget of your city to be open?

What does the community really want? Do all those numbers and terms really even mean anything to the average citizen?

We at UNDP in Ukraine and Internews wanted some answers.

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The crowdfunding dos and don’ts: How sustainability begins

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Read more about how crowdfunding helped us go green in this Croatian elementary school

Since launching last year’s campaign on Indiegogo, we understand a lot more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crowdfunding for social good.

One of the first major lessons we learned came from conducting an in-depth review of existing crowdfunding platforms.

This review was formative in helping us figure out exactly what we needed to do to achieve our goal of raising the funds needed to put Ostrog Primary School on the path to energy independence.

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There’s an app for that: Fostering transparency in Ukraine


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In Ukraine, people are dissatisfied with the quality of the public services provided by local authorities.

The difficulties faced when accessing public services are many: complicated procedures, long queues, inconvenient office hours, and lack of comprehensive and relevant information, to name just a few.

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Open minds on open data: Insights from Dublin


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A slide from Rusudan Mikhelidze’s presentation, “Open data in Georgia: Challenges and way forward”

Open data was one of the most hotly debated topics at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Europe regional meeting held in Dublin last week.

The discussion focused on the necessity of creating incentive structures for both citizens and businesses to support open data, especially in regards to enhancing public services and driving growth.

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The only power needed is brainpower: Istanbul conference on sustainable energy solutions


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participants sitting in conference

Read more on why now’s a good time to be talking about renewable energy in Turkey

Yesterday’s sustainable energy regional conference in Istanbul had people feeling, for lack of a better word, energized.

We organized the event alongside colleagues from the Islamic Development Bank and the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Robust discussions and keen insights from speakers and the nearly 200 participants made for a fascinating and thought-provoking first day.

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