Another dimension: Going virtual in Prizren

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A panel discussion on the role of media in fighting corruption (Photo: Mustafa Tughan Anit)

This summer marks the 14th year of Dokufest, an international documentary and short film festival that takes place in the historic town of Prizren.

It’s an event that’s becoming increasingly popular for audiences both local and international.

And it’s no surprise.

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Going from an idea box to out-of-the-box in Georgia

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a person with a disability at work

Mobile service delivery in action in Georgia (Photo: Giorgi Meurnishvili)

Fresh off Nesta’s LabWorks 2015, we at the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia’s innovation lab are teeming with new ideas.

This London event was yet another landmark for our lab, as we strive to position ourselves as the agency changing how we do public policy design and delivery across the Government of Georgia.

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Beyond a day: Ending conflict-related sexual violence once and for all


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Psychosocial workers with International Rescue Committee (IRC) help rape survivors in the Democratic Republic of Congo access the services they need to begin to restore their physical and mental health. Photo Credit: Angela Rucker/USAID.

I have been researching conflict-related sexual violence for a few years now.

Having written a bachelor’s thesis on how rape was used as a weapon of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the early 90’s,  I am now looking at prevention methods, with Bosnia and Herzegovina again as my case study, for my master’s thesis.

The year 2015 marks an important year in the fight to eliminate sexual violence in conflict, with the 10th anniversary of the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 1325 and the 20th anniversary of the creation of The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

The UN has now approved a new resolution to commemorate 19 June as the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. I think this is a bold step forward. But at the same time, I have to ask:

“Will this day make a difference?”

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Moldova: Small country, big data?


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Most people don’t know a lot about Moldova.

One prominent story to make international news recently, was a widespread scandal involving the theft of US $1 billion from three of the country’s leading banks.

Thus, few might realize that the small country between Romania and Ukraine also happens to be at the forefront of the data revolution – having moved towards open data at a much faster pace than any of its neighbours.

It’s been only five years since Moldova began to take steps towards reforming its public service.

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Call for applications: Corruption fighters, time to ACT up!


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The author (left) with anti-corruption experts from three continents learning about ACTing at the local level in Vienna last month

Working with local authorities can be frustrating.

Anti-corruption activists often find the reforms they support undermined by administrative inefficiency and encumbered by bureaucratic malaise.

Municipalities are easily overtaken by corrupt systems. Citizens do not get access to basic services and businesses operate in a predatory environment.

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Unexpected connections: Interning with UNDP


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"I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a truly eclectic group."  The author and her fellow interns at work  (Photo: H.I. Cagatay Ozdemir)

“I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a truly eclectic group.” The author and her fellow interns at work (Photo: H.I. Cagatay Ozdemir)

Since my first day at the Istanbul Regional Hub, many people have been struck that I came all the way from Canada for an internship.

What was a Canadian student like me going to pull from an experience in Istanbul?

What people do not perhaps realize from a first glance is that this opportunity did in fact provide many unique and crucial connections for my professional development. And after discussing with my fellow interns, I see that I am not the only one who found such unexpected connections.

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Next stop Athens: Kyrgyz agro-innovations on the move

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Tilek Toktogaziev, the winner of Future Agro Challenge Kyrgyzstan 2015 competition

Tilek Toktogaziev, the winner of Future Agro Challenge Kyrgyzstan 2015 competition (Photo: Limon.KG Internet publication)

Congratulations! Kyrgyzstan’s trip to the future continues in Greece.

Do you remember our first blog about the Future Agro Challenge contest in Bishkek?

Kyrgyzstan’s inaugural Future Agro Challenge Kyrgyzstan 2015 competition culminated with a bang on 21 June. UNDP in Kyrgyzstan and KG Labs embarked on the very first steps in bringing together thought leaders and experts in Kyrgyzstan’s agricultural sector under one roof to discuss Central Asian agricultural innovations.

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About Roma by Roma: Micronarratives research in Serbia

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Micronarratives everywhere! See our post on how we’re using them in Tajikistan

With the Decade of Roma Inclusion nearing its end, what do Roma themselves have to say about  education, employment, housing and discrimination?

How do we get not only reliable data, but also insights into real needs?

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Tajikistan: Can re-inventing the wheel be innovative?


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What prevents women from owning businesses in Tajikistan? (Photo: Aid for Trade project)

Story collection through micronarratives is not a new method for UNDP.

It has been used to collect data on employment in Kyrgyzstan, to better understand Roma needs in Serbia, and working with youth in Georgia, to just to name a few.

But never has it been tried and tested in Tajikistan, until now!

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Breaking the silence in Kosovo*: If not now, when?


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A new tribute in Pristina, aptly named “Thinking of You”, displays thousands of dresses hung up on washing lines symbolizing the hidden and silent survivors of sexual violence. Photo: Visar Kryeziu / Associated Press.

This month marked the 16th year anniversary of the conflict in Kosovo, but the silence on the sexual violence that took place has yet to be broken.

The topic itself is still a social taboo. Rape is treated as though it were a death sentence and those who have experienced sexual violence are often shunned and discriminated against by their families, spouses, and communities.

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