Working in development? Here are 6 things not to do on social media


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Photo: Jesse Knish Photography

I recently relocated to Istanbul where I work on UNDP’s online communications in the regional hub. I see countless blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates and more every week.

Let me tell you: The good and the bad look as different as night and day.

Here is a reflection on some of the most common mistakes I see happening on social media across the region.

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Hacking climate change: “Skopje Green Route” reloaded

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To drive or not to drive? Read about the origins of the Skopje Green Route

For two days in June, Macedonians will have the chance to take part in the country’s first-ever climate change hackathon.

This nationwide competition is designed to tap into the talents of budding programmers to come up with new ideas for upgrading the Skopje Green Route app.

The winning idea will be awarded US $1,000, while awards for second and third place will be $750 and $500 respectively.

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Croatia: Get ready to get funded

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What are some crowdfunding dos and don’ts? See our previous post and find out!

Only last year, it seemed like a dream.

The challenge? Making Ostrog Primary School, located in the sunny coastal town of Kastel Luksic, the first energy independent school in Croatia.

But our dream became a reality – thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign we supported with our local partners.

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Fighting TB in Moldova: Moving beyond the nudge

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Meeting with a local doctor to discuss the new trial (Photo: AFI)

Over a year has passed since we started discussing how to leverage behavioural insights to tackle tuberculosis in Moldova.

Back then Alex described how – together with BIT – we wanted to understand TB patients’ behaviour in order to identify the bottlenecks in adhering to treatment.

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Phone-charging shoes? Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore


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Winners of the Climate Camp

Two winners emerged out of the 130 submitted ideas to the Climate Challenge.

A dynamic team of four Macedonian university students has recently come up with one of those brilliant inventions that make you scratch your head and wonder ‘How come nobody thought of that before?’

They’ve proposed an energy-saving device that makes use of our everyday walking and running to generate energy for charging devices like mobile phones and tablets.

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How sustainable are our development goals?


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Organic vegetable farmer in Boung Phao Village.

We all want a better world.

Before I lose you in the dust of big words and abbreviations, let’s at least agree on that much.

If you’re familiar with development in general or the work of United Nations – even a little bit, you have heard of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the last 15 years.

MDGs basically codified our dream for a better world in eight big goals and asked all countries around the world to commit. Goals like: end extreme hunger; achieve universal education, and so on.

The results? Well, they vary depending on who you ask.

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Social innovation labs: Game-changers in developing countries?


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As MindLab’s Deputy Director Kit Lykketoft pointed out in her recent blog, innovation, experimentation and alternative approaches are becoming ‘the new normal’.

And this new normal is no longer exclusive to small groups of people sitting in comfortable conference rooms designing something for people in other places—it is rapidly becoming something for everybody everywhere.

While the social innovation lab trend has been accelerating in developed countries, the question we asked ourselves at UNDP was whether they could work in developing ones.

Could they work to help the emerging economies of developing countries?

What could be the role of labs in such countries?

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Fragments of Impact: Joint UNDP-Cognitive Edge initiative launched

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Sign up today: Email Anna Hanchar or Milica Begovic (Image by Nitya Wakhlu)

Cognitive Edge and UNDP are launching a unique initiative to engage with new ways of working on difficult problems in complex and fast-changing situations.

The programme will last six months and a limited number of participants are being invited from across a variety of NGO and government groups.

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Climate Change: A predictable shock

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A woman talking at a TedX talk in Armenia

We believe we can luxuriate in the bliss of warm water and still jump out before it’s too late. Can we?

There is a famous anecdote about boiling frogs.

It goes that if you place a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will leap out right away. But, if you put a frog in a kettle filled with cool water, and then gradually turn up the heat – the frog will not become aware of the boiling threat until it is too late.

A sad story for frogkind, undoubtedly – but also a useful metaphor for human beings?

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Future Agro Challenge takes root in Kyrgyzstan

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man smelling flower

Stop and smell the roses: Almost 65 percent of the workforce in Kyrgyzstan is employed in agriculture

This month, we’ll be taking a little trip to the future here in Kyrgyzstan.

That’s because our fair city of Bishkek will be playing host to the country’s first Future Agro Challenge (FAC).

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