From design to access: MiLab goes on safari

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a woman reads the sign in braille

Ludmila, one of the participants, checks the sign posts for accessibility (Photos: Victoria Puiu)

We often consider the buildings we’re constructing as comfortable and accessible for all.

How often do we remember what a challenge they can be for those living with disabilities?

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Uncovering hidden Belarus: Hacking tourism

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nature in belarus

Yelnya Swamp – one of the beautiful nature trails in Belarus (Photos: UNDP in Belarus)

Did you know that Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the largest ancient forest in all of Europe?

Herodotus wrote about this UNESCO World Heritage Listed site way back in the  the 5th century B.C.

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Kyrgyzstan: What does it take to make the invisible visible?


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Person with disabilities

And justice for all? Read the author’s previous blog post on rebranding justice

A friend in Kyrgyzstan recently told me about the first time she saw a person with disabilities: She had just turned 19 and left the country to study abroad.

Day-to-day life makes it easy to forget the people with disabilities who live among us. There are few accessible ramps in Bishkek.

A recent trip to the northern part of Kyrgyzstan drove this point home even more.

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Corruption, governance, and the SDGs: Introducing Peter Eigen


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In some ways, the Sustainable Development Goals are a continuation of the Millennium Development Goals.

Though most believe the MDGs have helped make a difference in the lives of the world’s most needy and vulnerable, a common critique has been the absence of functional links to governance concerns.

These critics have emphasized that if we want the goals to succeed, the sustainable goals should be explicitly linked to rights-based global conventions.

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Show me the data: How can open data contribute to SDGs?


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open data panel

Tuty Kusumawati, Amen Ra Mashariki, and Guillermo Moncecch talk “Open Cities: The Local Data Revolution” (Photos: OD4D)

In the not-too-distant future, data generated by governments, businesses, and citizens will be used to provide quicker, more holistic understandings of the world around us.

At UNDP, we are hard at work exploring the potential of the data revolution, and how that data can be used in measuring the new sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Working in development? Here are 6 things not to do on social media


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Photo: Jesse Knish Photography

I recently relocated to Istanbul where I work on UNDP’s online communications in the regional hub. I see countless blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates and more every week.

Let me tell you: The good and the bad look as different as night and day.

Here is a reflection on some of the most common mistakes I see happening on social media across the region.

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Hacking climate change: “Skopje Green Route” reloaded

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To drive or not to drive? Read about the origins of the Skopje Green Route

For two days in June, Macedonians will have the chance to take part in the country’s first-ever climate change hackathon.

This nationwide competition is designed to tap into the talents of budding programmers to come up with new ideas for upgrading the Skopje Green Route app.

The winning idea will be awarded US $1,000, while awards for second and third place will be $750 and $500 respectively.

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Croatia: Get ready to get funded

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What are some crowdfunding dos and don’ts? See our previous post and find out!

Only last year, it seemed like a dream.

The challenge? Making Ostrog Primary School, located in the sunny coastal town of Kastel Luksic, the first energy independent school in Croatia.

But our dream became a reality – thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign we supported with our local partners.

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Fighting TB in Moldova: Moving beyond the nudge

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Meeting with a local doctor to discuss the new trial (Photo: AFI)

Over a year has passed since we started discussing how to leverage behavioural insights to tackle tuberculosis in Moldova.

Back then Alex described how – together with BIT – we wanted to understand TB patients’ behaviour in order to identify the bottlenecks in adhering to treatment.

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