Different but the same: A festival of peace

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13 nationalities live in Osh side by side. The sheer fact of living around this multiculturalism is inspiring. Yet the communities themselves are so disconnected from one another that it’s easy to forget such diversity exists in the first place. Take, for example, my seven-year-old sister, who is awestruck as I hand her dolls dressed… Read more »

Collecting stories from chaos

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The war here in Yemen has caused over 4,000 civilians deaths and 1.4 million Yemenis to be internally displaced since March. To examine the impact of this war, UNDP in Yemen turned to citizens to hear their daily hardships and identify opportunities to restore livelihoods. But the survey we’re conducting is very different from traditional assessments… Read more »

Gearing up for the Good

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This year’s Social Good Summit is shaping up to be the most globally connected yet. And it’s very, very exciting because this isn’t just any Social Good Summit: This year, with meet ups scheduled for over 100 countries (and counting) it is the biggest ever, and we’re bringing together activists, artists, leaders and everyday citizens… Read more »

How do we measure the unmeasurable? Talking inequality in Croatia


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“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This basic bit of common sense is one of the most difficult aspects of trying to better understand trends and drivers of inequalities in the economies of Europe and Central Asia. Of course attempts to measure inequalities face certain conceptual challenges in all countries. Should we focus on… Read more »

Free legal aid comes to Kyrgyzstan


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I sit in front of a woman with a wet handkerchief in her hands. She slowly recounts the story of her suffering upon the condition that I not reveal any substantial detail of her case. She still hopes that some sort of miracle will solve everything, that she can avoid the judges and court proceedings.

Going from an idea box to out-of-the-box in Georgia

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Fresh off Nesta’s LabWorks 2015, we at the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia’s innovation lab are teeming with new ideas. This London event was yet another landmark for our lab, as we strive to position ourselves as the agency changing how we do public policy design and delivery across the Government… Read more »