How a small film brought a big impact to a Kosovo* village


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I met BAFTA Award winning director Daniel Mulloy in Prishtina in early 2015. Being deeply concerned by the refugee crisis, Daniel wanted to make a movie that would speak to the West. As a refugee myself who returned home with help from the international community I shared Daniel’s passion. We decided to create a piece of… Read more »

My Municipality: A super tool for local development


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Over 6,500 citizens in fYR Macedonia are now using My Municipality. The app provides a new and engaging way for citizens to communicate their top priorities for local development to decision-makers. Through the installation of  user-friendly touch-screens and an interactive website, the project has enabled citizens in four pilot municipalities to —with just a few… Read more »

Evolving thoughts: The future of Roma information centres


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[Ed. note: This was the second of the three winning projects of UNDP’s regional Scaling Up Fund. Each proposal was designed to deliberately move away from more conventional ways of scaling (‘going big’) to a more adaptive approach (running multiple experiments and enhancing existing dynamics in the communities, as opposed to creating something new)] According to a 2002 census, 53,879… Read more »

Roma women: Exposing inequality


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Since its early days, the Decade of Roma Inclusion has focused primarily on four priority areas: employment, education, health and housing. Even though gender equality is a cross-cutting issue, attention to this area has been significantly smaller throughout the years. Usually, gender equality is treated as an isolated category, rather than a social factor that… Read more »

Slovakia signs up to a new UN protocol that could protect your human rights


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I recently heard an NGO worker speaking on the violation of rights of individuals undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Slovakia, as sterilization is a customary part of the process in the state. Disturbingly, neither the state nor the violation are unique in this: The same practice is followed in multiple states, and this is only… Read more »

Will midterm evaluations become the dinosaurs of development?


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I argued a few months back that information we get from story-telling is fundamentally different to what we get from polls and surveys. If we can’t predict what’s coming next, then we have to continuously work to understand what has and is happening today. (See: Patterns of voices from the Balkans – working with UNDP)… Read more »

Join us LIVE 15 March to talk about Roma inclusion and evidence based lessons


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You’re invited! We’re having a conference on 15 March: “From pilots to outcomes,” which will focus on evidence-based lessons on the socio-economic inclusion of Roma communities. The conference will take place simultaneously in Moldava nad Bodvou, (Slovakia) and Brussels, (Belgium) – and will be livestreamed. We’ll also be tweeting live from the event, so join… Read more »