Constructive destructions or: Why I’m musing over a manhole cover


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Sparks fly. A distinct smell fills the air. Twisted metal, slowly morphs into liquid. Under the watchful eyes of police officers, metal workers, and other observers, sawed up rifles and tagged guns are moved into the furnace, ceasing to exist as we know them – threatening, powerful, lethal. I’m at a gun destruction event somewhere… Read more »

Build it yourself: Welcome to the tech for citizen engagement challenge

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It’s called the IKEA effect. You value something more when you’ve helped build it. Surely anyone who’s ever suffered through a harrowing afternoon assembling that pernickety SVÄRTA loft bed frame can recall the swell of pride and accomplishment after finally figuring it out. Might not a similar thing be the case when it comes to the various institutions of… Read more »

How is UNDP in Cyprus building up?


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Why has UNDP-ACT decided to build up? Last year, my colleague Nilgun Arif was lucky enough to attend Build Peace in Cambridge. She spent two full days among 250 fellow peacebuilders, activists, social innovators, and academics discussing how technology can be used to build peace in the 21st century. Her experience left a profound impression; and on her… Read more »