How do we avoid taking two steps back?


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Our region has seen countless examples of how development brings a country one step forward, only to have disasters, conflicts and other crises take it two steps back. Whether the armed conflict in Ukraine, the floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, or the migration and refugee crisis that has hit Southeast Europe, it’s evident… Read more »

The road to development: Why we need more economists in the driver’s seat


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Economists and development professionals are not always natural bedfellows. I suspect that most fund managers often disregard the development folks with their “fuzzy math” and wonky jargon. Similarly, a lot of development professionals probably don’t understand how a credit-default swap works. Does it matter?

The development story behind the MDGs: Seeing the forest beyond the trees


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What do people in Chişinău say they need for a better life? Of course we need to closely follow the progress of each Millennium Development Goal (MDG), but have you ever thought: What is the development story behind the MDGs in various national contexts? The importance of such a development story goes beyond even ‘passing… Read more »

Solar power brings off-grid war returnees back into 21st Century


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Powerless: The story of the Rodić family before and after solar powered electricity Going off-road in Bosnia and Herzegovina seems like traveling back in time. Just a few kilometres into the countryside and you’ll find people who have returned to their pre-war homes living like their grandparents. No electricity. No TV. No refrigerator. The Rodić… Read more »

Join us LIVE 15 March to talk about Roma inclusion and evidence based lessons


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You’re invited! We’re having a conference on 15 March: “From pilots to outcomes,” which will focus on evidence-based lessons on the socio-economic inclusion of Roma communities. The conference will take place simultaneously in Moldava nad Bodvou, (Slovakia) and Brussels, (Belgium) – and will be livestreamed. We’ll also be tweeting live from the event, so join… Read more »

3 ways to tell when we’re actually going to ‘end AIDS’


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UNAIDS released their annual report this week on the state of the global AIDS epidemic, and the media headlines were universally optimistic. ‘Ending AIDS’ is possible in our lifetime. Possible, yes. But we are not on pace for it quite yet. Indeed the achievements reported are real, and they’re saving millions of lives and promoting… Read more »

Rio+20 and migration

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The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development ended almost a month ago and left many wondering about next steps, and what countries will do to act on their commitments. The conference covered issues including hunger, poverty, and access to renewable energy. Rio+20 aimed to provide solutions to the mounting uncertainty of a safe and prosperous environment… Read more »