Project snapshot: Georgia after the flood


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The Rioni River basin in Georgia is becoming more and more susceptible to extreme climate events. Floods, landslides, and mud torrents are increasing in both intensity and frequency, causing extensive damage to agriculture, forests, roads, and communications infrastructure. More than 10,000 hectares of agricultural land has fallen out of use in the past decade due to… Read more »

Checking our shoe size: Reducing the carbon footprint of our health programmes

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Climate change is everyone’s problem – and we are stepping up. UNDP is fully committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all programmes. When it comes to HIV, health and development - we’re working to deliver the vital services that millions count on - while at the same time minimizing their environmental impacts.

A new cycle: Interview from the frontlines of sustainable transport in Kazakhstan


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Here in Almaty, we’re working hard to not only green the streets but also to get people out on them. That’s why part of our “City of Almaty Sustainable Transport” (CAST) project focuses on involving various social groups, communities and movements to work together. This is how we got to know the Velo-Almaty crew, a grassroots… Read more »

Towards a sustainable future in Kyrgyzstan


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We’ve all heard that sustainability is important. But when it comes to decision making, many people still think that environmental conservation has little to do with economic or social well-being. If you share this opinion, you might want to take a look at Kyrgyzstan. In the second-poorest country in Central Asia, the numbers speak volumes:

Outdoor development in Turkey: It’s possible!


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Recently the skyline in two of Turkey’s biggest cities underwent a bit of a makeover. That’s because UNDP in Turkey launched outdoor visibility campaigns in İstanbul and Ankara to help get the word out on what sustainable development for everyone is all about. The campaign focused on the concept on sustainable energy with the hashtag: #bencemümkün (“it’s… Read more »

The crowdfunding dos and don’ts: How sustainability begins

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Since launching last year’s campaign on Indiegogo, we understand a lot more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crowdfunding for social good. One of the first major lessons we learned came from conducting an in-depth review of existing crowdfunding platforms. This review was formative in helping us figure out exactly what… Read more »