#ICT4DRR: Making Skopje, Yerevan and Ungheni more resilient to disasters

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It was not the Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil that brought us to Yerevan in Armenia in July 2014, but a regional workshop on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA). Between the sessions—and between the matches—we had some serious discussions with our colleagues from Armenia about disaster and climate risk… Read more »

Do landmines float? A post-flood guide from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In 2014, devastating floods and landslides affected Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the wider region. Thousands of people continue to suffer from the consequences of these floods, which unearthed – among other things – a specific human security threat: landmines. What do we do in these circumstances? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how we respond:

Taking a deep dive in the Strumica River (data) Basin


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The Strumica River Basin is one of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s most vulnerable regions to climate change. By 2020, water demands in the Strumica River Basin are expected to increase by 40 percent, while extreme weather events – such as floods and droughts – are also expected to become more frequent. To avoid… Read more »

Project snapshot: Georgia after the flood


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The Rioni River basin in Georgia is becoming more and more susceptible to extreme climate events. Floods, landslides, and mud torrents are increasing in both intensity and frequency, causing extensive damage to agriculture, forests, roads, and communications infrastructure. More than 10,000 hectares of agricultural land has fallen out of use in the past decade due to… Read more »

Getting a handle on it: Twitter and disaster relief in fYR Macedonia


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As the recent devastation wrought by flooding in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown, social media has a vital role to play in spreading information during natural and human-made disasters. Twitter is a great example of a platform that can quickly deliver vital information to a vast number of people. So Igor Miskovski of the… Read more »

Czech Republic and Montenegro: Cleaning up after a legacy of irresponsible mining


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The Czech Republic is no stranger to environmental burdens, thanks to a legacy from the Soviet army and from the mining industry in northern Bohemia. The Ministry of Environment is in charge of monitoring environmental hot spots, creating environmental legislation, and coordinating clean-ups. The Czech Republic is focusing on developing a sustainable economy, or what… Read more »