Moldova has talent- and MiLab knows how to use it!


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As UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in the Republic of Moldova, I saw my central role as helping the country accelerate its development path to deliver concrete results for all parts of the population. The UN’s work focused on this goal at two levels: helping counterparts fast-track policy reforms, and enabling institutions to respond… Read more »

How is UNDP in Cyprus building up?


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Why has UNDP-ACT decided to build up? Last year, my colleague Nilgun Arif was lucky enough to attend Build Peace in Cambridge. She spent two full days among 250 fellow peacebuilders, activists, social innovators, and academics discussing how technology can be used to build peace in the 21st century. Her experience left a profound impression; and on her… Read more »

Dodging dystopia: Crowdsourced foresight in Armenia

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At Kolba lab here in Armenia, we have been testing foresight. We’re trying to gauge its potential in shaping the UN’s strategy in Armenia and in supporting the design of future development programmes. This blog is the second in a series aimed at sharing our rationales, experiences, and results. In the previous blog post, we talk about why… Read more »

What does it take? From resisting to embedding innovation


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Colleagues of mine from MiLab recently shared our experience redesigning the material aid service in village of Ciuciuleni. Working in a local development programme aimed at improving governance in Moldova, I have the opportunity to interact directly with local authorities nearly every single day. This has helped me realize how they initially perceived social innovation: something related to… Read more »

Voices of Eurasia: Top 10 posts of 2014*


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Well folks it’s that time again, where I pick up the sizable gauntlet from my predecessor, social media maven Blythe Fraser, and look back upon our year that was. From our old home in Bratislava to our new digs in Istanbul, what have been our most popular stories? What intrigued you the most? What did… Read more »

A journey with a map: Service redesign in Moldova

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The notion that good service is a service co-designed with the user is not news. However, for many in Moldova, a majority of public services in Moldova remain totally bureaucratic and alien. In an attempt to change this, MiLab is working alongside colleagues form UNDP’s Local Development Programme to help local authorities in the village of Ciuciuleni… Read more »