Men and women were considered equal under socialism, so why aren’t they now?


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Researching labour market inequalities for the Regional Human Development Report, I can see clearly that gender inequality is alive and well in the Western Balkans. Although some countries show promising hints of improvement, the unfavorable economic background of the last decade has prevented women from advancing on a number of different fronts.

Focusing development efforts around the MDGs was not always easy


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I remember meeting with partners in the Cabinet of Ministers in 2002-3, working as a poverty reduction consultant. I was advised not to bring up the topic of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with government officials, as it would be insulting for them to compare their country with other developing countries. The Government officials were very proud… Read more »

Employed or unemployed? The line is more blurry than you might think


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A recent update of a major international labour market database has been released. But what does it really tell us about labour market inequalities in Europe and Central Asia? In my research on labour market inequalities, I have experienced the same difficulty described in other recent blog posts: When applied to Europe and Central Asia,… Read more »

Information overload, attention deficit and the risks of isolationism


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At a time of escalating conflict globally, the demise of the venerable ‘foreign correspondent’ is ironic. Many will argue that it was about time that the privileged and monopolistic world of the (mainly white male) foreign correspondent was blown open by a more inclusive, egalitarian media landscape. The truth is that this broader shift in… Read more »

Want more – and better – jobs? Put women in charge


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I was recently in Tbilisi to participate in a conference that took stock of what we know about the challenges of job creation in the South Caucasus and Western CIS. While researching gender inequalities in labour markets of these countries, I searched for evidence on how the challenge of job creation can be overcome without perpetuating gender inequalities… Read more »

Upgrading Watson

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When it comes to real-life crime, if police and forensic agencies are the Sherlocks, their equipment is definitely the “Watson”. It is the combination of the expert’s eye and the latest in crime-fighting tech that leads to the crucial “Aha!” moment.

From Paris to your hometown: How climate action is going local


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Over recent years, climate negotiations have gotten more and more complex. With 193 countries bringing competing interests to the table, perhaps that’s not surprising. So negotiators are taking a bottom-up approach, with individual countries coming to the table to declare what they are nationally prepared to do to advance internationally agreed upon goals.