Meet Hapide: How we’re supporting young entrepreneurs in Albania


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Less than one year ago, we embarked on an initiative to support youth entrepreneurship. We wanted to build on the experience of the Future we Want campaign and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship among young Albanians – a spirit dampened by lack of visible opportunities, support, and professional services. So we partnered with Yunus Social… Read more »

Come co-design with Georgia’s new Innovative Service Lab!

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Reinventing public services has to start with the user. Only by incremental experiments, with an eye on effectiveness and putting the end-users at the heart of the design process, can we truly hope to transform public services to meet our citizens’ needs. Transforming public services to meet the true expectations of the citizens and create… Read more »

Lesson learned: Why you should always bring a new donor to the field


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During the difficult events that befell Kyrgyzstan in 2010, the Russian Federation was one of the first donors to support Kyrgyzstan. The Russian Federation made a major donation to UNDP in Kyrgyzstan without any conditions or strings. It was very much appreciated. However, two years later, when we approached them with development project in the Naryn area, it was… Read more »

The road to development: Why we need more economists in the driver’s seat


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Economists and development professionals are not always natural bedfellows. I suspect that most fund managers often disregard the development folks with their “fuzzy math” and wonky jargon. Similarly, a lot of development professionals probably don’t understand how a credit-default swap works. Does it matter?