Film fatale: How one filmmaker made history

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In 2013, award-winning filmmaker Biljana Gavranlieva directed After the Rain – the first-ever documentary made by a Macedonian director about climate change. The film, which was produced with the support of UNDP, the Global Environment Facility, and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, shows the lives of four women between the ages of forty and eighty,… Read more »

Project snapshot: Georgia after the flood


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The Rioni River basin in Georgia is becoming more and more susceptible to extreme climate events. Floods, landslides, and mud torrents are increasing in both intensity and frequency, causing extensive damage to agriculture, forests, roads, and communications infrastructure. More than 10,000 hectares of agricultural land has fallen out of use in the past decade due to… Read more »

The only power needed is brainpower: Istanbul conference on sustainable energy solutions


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Yesterday’s sustainable energy regional conference in Istanbul had people feeling, for lack of a better word, energized. We organized the event alongside colleagues from the Islamic Development Bank and the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Robust discussions and keen insights from speakers and the nearly 200 participants made for a fascinating and thought-provoking first day.

Croatia: How crowdfunding helped us go green

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Hooray! We have officially completed the first big step towards making a school in Croatia energy independent. A few months ago, with US$15,000 of seed funding from the UNDP in Bratislava Regional Centre, we launched a campaign dedicated to helping Ostrog elementary school (in Croatian) in Kaštela become the first energy independent school in Croatia…. Read more »

Q&A: Meet Vid Micevic, engineering student with a message for development organizations


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Several months ago I received an email from Arizona State University (ASU), School of Engineering student, Vid Micevic, who came across our UNDP-Nesta Renewable Energy Challenge. He wanted to spend a part of his university education working on the challenge. The deadline for submitting the ideas for the challenge was just up, but working with… Read more »

To drive or not to drive: New green routes planner to help make smarter travel decisions

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To drive or not to drive? It’s a question many of us ask ourselves each time we travel from home. What is the shortest and quickest route? What crossroads and junctions should I avoid? Will I find a place to park? Maybe I should take a bus—but will that make me late? Maybe it’s time… Read more »

New life for old weapons: Conflict metal used to build windmills?

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There were close to half a million soldiers during the war fighting for their cause, and there are an estimated quarter of a million illegally possessed weapons circulating in the country today. How do we fight the war against the remnants of war? How do we ‘peace-together’ the process? At the end of 2013, over 1,500 small… Read more »