Exploring behavioural science: How to encourage farmers to be more climate friendly


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Just over 35,000 hectares of protected land in Vashlovani national park, Georgia, is vulnerable to climate change and under threat of desertification. The park is also used for winter pastures by Tush shepherds (about 45 farms), who have been grazing their sheep on the land for centuries. Unsustainable use of pastures within the territory has… Read more »

Is crowdfunding the answer for financing renewable energy?

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Are crowdfunding and renewable energy a good match? And at the same time, can we get the public to participate in projects that will benefit their communities? As we wrote back in July, we found that energy cooperatives offer a big “Yes!” to each of these questions. To get renewable energy off the ground, the… Read more »

The winner (could) take it all… – MIT ClimateCoLab crowdsourcing competition


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UNDP in Montenegro’s proposal – Energy Efficiency Formalization – won both the popular prize (most votes) and judges’ prize (expert review) in the Building Efficiency contest at the MIT’s ClimateCoLab crowdsourcing competition for the most innovative solutions to climate change!   We are thankful to all who supported us, especially those who cast a vote… Read more »

Greenhouse gas inventory: Data that makes a difference


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We just launched a brand new inventory of national greenhouse gas emissions developed to help fYR Macedonia meeting the requirements of the International Convention on Climate Change. We’re all convinced that the information in this database will be valuable for policy-makers in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate… Read more »

Climate change and agriculture: The elusive hunt for data


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Before the Neolithic Revolution, people were mostly nomadic, moving along with herds of wild animals. With the discovery of agriculture, however, food could be produced for communities staying in one place, resulting in the spread of permanent settlements – changing the face of human society. Agriculture plays a major role in global climate change, and… Read more »