Inequalities: When perceptions don’t reflect reality


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Nostalgia for the Soviet (or Yugoslav) economic systems is often encountered in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Many of the reasons for this—security, stability, an absence of armed conflict—are not hard to understand. However, many people from these regions—including those who approve of the changes that took hold in the 1990s—also seem to miss the… Read more »

You want to engage your parliament in the fight against corruption? Here are 5 steps you can take


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According to Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (2016), Moldova is ranked 103rd (out of 168 countries worldwide) making it one of the most corrupt countries in Europe. When we talk about corruption, we often talk about corruption at government level and the role of citizens in tackling it, but what about the role of parliamentarians?… Read more »

Reflecting on our experience, Part 1: The DO’s of Anti-Corruption

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Last week, UNDP global representatives, including Helen Clark, attended the Anti-Corruption Summit in London and produced a declaration. To prepare, we convened all colleagues working on anti-corruption from our region, as well as from the Arab States in Prishtina, to take stock of lessons learned from 20 years of involvement in anticorruption. For those of you who… Read more »

Diagnose and treat: Measuring a country’s pulse with social media

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In his blog, the Nonprofit Chronicles, Marc Gunther writes: How do feedback loops differ from conventional monitoring and evaluation (M&E)? One attendee told me that feedback loops are the equivalent of diagnosing and treating a disease; a conventional evaluation is more like an autopsy, and thus of limited value to the patient. This leads us… Read more »

To Malaysia and back: Three things I learned


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Last month – alongside nearly 1,200 other anticorruption experts and practitioners from over 130 countries – I had the opportunity to go to Malaysia for the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). UNDP was one of the main organizers and I was keen to bring the Romanian perspective following our work on the subject. So what did… Read more »

Call for applications: Corruption fighters, time to ACT up!


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Working with local authorities can be frustrating. Anti-corruption activists often find the reforms they support undermined by administrative inefficiency and encumbered by bureaucratic malaise. Municipalities are easily overtaken by corrupt systems. Citizens do not get access to basic services and businesses operate in a predatory environment.