South Eastern Europe in review: Where citizens are the experts


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Whenever I discuss the governance challenges in South Eastern Europe, the discussion quickly boils down to one issue: (anti) corruption. At the recently organized SELDI policy advocacy workshop, we went back to the basic principles of “good governance.” This opened up a wider debate indicating that now may be the time to both reframe the… Read more »

Engendering change in gender and corruption


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Corruption is a global threat that undermines a country’s development progress by limiting citizens’ abilities to claim their rights. The linkages between gender equality and development have long been recognized. For example, societies with greater female education have higher growth rates and per-capita incomes, better maternal health, lower infant mortality, and increased levels of nutrition. However, when… Read more »

Ukraine: Mobilizing tech activists for human security


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“IT-mobilization – National Human Security Hackathon on April 4-5″ I recently received that cryptic text message on my mobile phone; though as a member of SocialBoost‘s network of civic IT activists perhaps I shouldn’t have been too shocked. The same messages inviting people to join the first National Human Security Hackathon co-organized by UNDP in Ukraine, National Security… Read more »

Judicial integrity: The missing link?


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The integrity, independence and impartiality of the judiciary are essential to protecting human rights and fostering economic development. But is this enough to ensure social justice and an inclusive legal state? Unfortunately, for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups across Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the lack of access to justice is widespread. And it… Read more »

Join us for International Anti-Corruption Day Monday 9 December #IACD2013


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Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies. If only 10 percent of the money lost from corruption were channeled back to development, it would be enough to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by the 2015 deadlines. International Anti-Corruption Day brings together people from all walks… Read more »