‘My opinion matters’: How a mobile tool in Armenia is engaging citizens


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About 3,000 residents from five towns and villages of Armenia are now enrolled in the Micro-referendum Tool initiative. Micro-Referendum Tool allows local governments to run SMS-polls to better reach their constituents and engage them in community affairs. The tool provides citizens an opportunity to safely express their opinions via SMS. This is especially important for… Read more »

No ceiling: Three approaches to women’s leadership in Armenia


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In Armenia, like in much of the world, we have a problem with glass ceilings. Initially, our question was: What prevents capable and respected women to consider entering local government?  Field work indicated a number of interrelated structural factors: narrow gender identities, a fear of failure and reputation loss, lack of skills, prohibitive costs, perceptions of… Read more »

Bringing diverse stakeholder groups together to find solutions in Armenia

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We lead the Women in Local Democracy project, a three year European Union-funded project, implemented in partnership with the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Territorial Administration. The goal of the project is the advancement of gender equality, the strengthening of local democracy and the enhancement of social cohesion within the Republic of Armenia. We approach it through:… Read more »

A local democratic deficit – SMS polling to the rescue?


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Armenian public decision-making has typically been marked by distrust and low engagement, despite having access to the necessary legal framework and institutions. Recently, though, there have been signs of greater civic activism and trust in local authorities. According to data from the Caucasus Barometer, local governments had the third highest public trust rating in 2012… Read more »

Social media and civic activism in Armenia


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Trchkan waterfall was saved through a “camp out” to prevent nearby construction: Save Trchkan Mashtots park was saved from being turned into boutique trade zone: This City Belongs to Us Changes to the law on maternity leave were stopped Citizens are using Facebook to: Save Teghut Forest, Save Teghut, and Saveour Market Building These are just a few examples of Armenian activism that are happening via social… Read more »