The crowdfunding dos and don’ts: How sustainability begins

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Since launching last year’s campaign on Indiegogo, we understand a lot more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crowdfunding for social good. One of the first major lessons we learned came from conducting an in-depth review of existing crowdfunding platforms. This review was formative in helping us figure out exactly what… Read more »

Croatia: How crowdfunding helped us go green

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Hooray! We have officially completed the first big step towards making a school in Croatia energy independent. A few months ago, with US$15,000 of seed funding from the UNDP in Bratislava Regional Centre, we launched a campaign dedicated to helping Ostrog elementary school (in Croatian) in Kaštela become the first energy independent school in Croatia…. Read more »

The crowdfunding campaign is on: Help us make this school energy independent

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What an adventure this has been! After a few nights with hardly any sleep, our Indiegogo crowdfunding page and campaign to develop the first energy independent school in Croatia is live! Confession: We have no clue how will it will all turn out. Will we be able to mobilize people to donate for the idea… Read more »

Energy autonomy and the importance of citizen involvement

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Imagine a 100 percent renewable island: systems that provide renewable energy, the people who maintain those systems, and economic development and sustainable tourism resulting from the whole process. Easy to imagine, right? Now, imagine the same thing happening in Croatia. Still easy to imagine, right?! A little over three years ago, the residents of Krk… Read more »

Thoughts from One Young World and the energy financing revolution


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Young people are the most under-utilized segment of society. With fresh, new ideas and minds that aren’t afraid to dream big, the young generation is going to end up solving global problems created by past generations. However, with global economic growth slowing down, there are fewer opportunities for young people to realize their potential. The… Read more »

Is crowdfunding the answer for financing renewable energy?

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Are crowdfunding and renewable energy a good match? And at the same time, can we get the public to participate in projects that will benefit their communities? As we wrote back in July, we found that energy cooperatives offer a big “Yes!” to each of these questions. To get renewable energy off the ground, the… Read more »