Film fatale: How one filmmaker made history

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In 2013, award-winning filmmaker Biljana Gavranlieva directed After the Rain – the first-ever documentary made by a Macedonian director about climate change. The film, which was produced with the support of UNDP, the Global Environment Facility, and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, shows the lives of four women between the ages of forty and eighty,… Read more »

Engendering change in gender and corruption


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Corruption is a global threat that undermines a country’s development progress by limiting citizens’ abilities to claim their rights. The linkages between gender equality and development have long been recognized. For example, societies with greater female education have higher growth rates and per-capita incomes, better maternal health, lower infant mortality, and increased levels of nutrition. However, when… Read more »

The time is now: Gender (in)equality in Europe and Central Asia


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In 2015, it will be 20 years since the Beijing Platform for Action was adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women, setting up the agenda for improving women’s participation in both public and private life. 2015 also marks the year when the Millennium Development Goals will expire and a new development framework will be… Read more »

Are quotas the solution for bringing more women into politics?


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It is widely known that the number of women in decision-making structures is growing slowly. Today, approximately 20 percent of the world’s parliamentary seats are occupied by women. And the countries of Europe and CIS are no exception with 12 countries failing to reach the global average of 20 percent; 30 percent is considered the… Read more »

Прими участие в нашем опросе по выявлению гендерных стереотипов среди молодежи!


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Чувствовали ли вы когда-нибудь, что гендерные стереотипы ограничивают ваши возможности? Хотели бы вы это изменить? Пожалуйста, ответьте на вопросы краткого (займет три минуты!) анонимного опросника о вашем восприятии гендерных ролей в семье и обществе. Исследование проводится среди молодых людей в возрасте от 15 до 25 лет в Восточной Европе и Центральной Азии. Результаты опроса будут… Read more »

Gender inequality: How much does it affect development in Europe and Central Asia?


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Inequality between women and men has been clearly identified as one of the causes blocking development over the last two decades. It is often difficult to establish evidence based causal links between impacts of gender inequality on a country’s development because of the lack of available sex-disaggregated data. And because of limited data, we also… Read more »

Crowdsourcing an end to violence against women and girls


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Today is 8 March – International Women’s Day. In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, this day has been celebrated since the early 1960s to embrace the evolving role of women in society and to promote awareness of the ongoing fight for equal social, political, and economic rights. You may think that all the battles have… Read more »

Women in politics: Montenegro’s silent revolution

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  In the small nation of Montenegro, men are in the minority. However, in the country’s 81-member legislature, men occupy 67 seats. This leaves just 14 seats (17 percent) to women. The good news? This is the greatest representation female candidates have achieved since 1992. The outcome of the October 2012 snap parliamentary elections: Montenegro’s… Read more »

Could crowdfunding be the solution for female entrepreneurs?


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Since the financial crisis of 2008, women are finding it harder and harder to find jobs. In Europe and Central Asia, women have better access to employment than in many other parts in the word. However, the women’s workforce in these countries is still 25 percent smaller than that of men, and crisis-driven cuts in… Read more »

Help us sell our cause – infographics for development

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The main challenge we face when we advocate for gender equality is convincing our audience that there is a real need to create and implement more gender-sensitive policies. Part of our job is to analyze data and translate what we find into a user-friendly message that everyone understands. Tools like reports, indicators and charts are useful… Read more »