Moldova post-2015: Understanding the complexity

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We recently blogged about how we are planning with citizens to improve the institutions Moldova will need in the post-2015 future. Now, we want to look into the main challenges and impacts as seen by the participants in the survey we conducted using Futurescaper. In the three weeks it was live, Futurescaper brought a new… Read more »

Moldova post-2015: How are we getting ready?

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Some time ago, in the first round of the national post-2015 consultations, citizens in Moldova told us about their aspirations. They spoke of finding decent work, wanting better social protection, and having more accountable governance. This will be all the more challenging in a world where rising energy and food prices, climate-related threats, emigration, and… Read more »

What if post-2015 were already here?

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Pretty much every presentation on innovation we attended in the last couple of years (including our own!) at one point or another included the famous quote attributed to William Gibson that “the future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” This has spurred us to look into a number of methodologies that… Read more »

Empowering young people in Kyrgyzstan to have a say in the post-2015 development agenda


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“Young people should play a central role in the formulation of the development agenda. People need to be more actively involved in the process of decision making for the country.” This statement is one of the responses voiced during Post-2015 national consulta­tions in Kyrgyzstan, which began in late 2012. With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)… Read more »

Esther Duflo and Jose Ocampo LIVE on 24 September: A post 2015 agenda


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Has poverty eradication and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals been satisfactory? What should global commitments look like after 2015? Heads of states will gather this week at the United Nations General Assembly to give a final push to the Millennium Development Goals and, for the first time, discuss what will replace them beyond 2015…. Read more »